Applications increase can only mean good things for UB

UB’s undergraduate application rates have increased significantly this year, likely solidifying UB’s status as the largest SUNY school.

There were 18,022 applications last year around this time, and now there are 19,848. In addition to more applicants, there is also greater diversity in the applicant pool. There is a 21 percent increase in Hispanic applicants, a 13 percent increase in African American applicants and a 7 percent increase in Asian American applicants.

There is also an increase in geographic diversity and evidence suggests that this group will be stronger academically than last years, based on SAT scores.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 1. While UB doesn’t usually set a hard deadline, this is the first year this will be implemented, with 7,000 students already accepted for the new academic year.

This can only be positive for UB – more students and students of a wider range are being drawn to the university. It’s a comment on the university’s success as a whole and how it works to cater the needs of its students. The increase in opportunities that have been presented to students, including the amount of clubs and majors available, can also be accountable for the increase in applications.

Another factor is that UB’s media attention this past year has, for the most part, been nothing but positive. The medical campus, UB’s sports teams and general student success has garnered good attention from the media and the SUNY system.

A more diverse campus is also very positive for the students. New students that hail from pockets of the state that are predominantly white, black or any other specific race will be exposed to an entirely new community of people. Those of different religious denominations, intelligence capacities and overall way of life will be thrown together in residence halls and classes, forced to interact and learn more about one another.

The school is clearly continuing to grow, and with UB 2020 on the horizon, it’s clear that the school plans to continue not only increasing their student body but improving multiple facets of the community around the school including the campus and the faculty. If UB continues to diversify its faculty that will only encourage a more diverse student body. It makes a school more appealing when the faculty is well-educated effective teachers, but diversity would just be another positive addition.

The school has a lot of appealing qualities, especially for in-state high school graduates. The tuition is reasonable and with a scholarship, can be much more manageable for those who have to pay their own way. UB’s goal should be to continue rolling with the admissions increase as to lower the cost of tuition and expand the education offered at the university.

The continuing rise in undergraduates has indicated that the university is doing something right and will keep educating not only the state’s newest high school graduates but those from all around the country.

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