Editorial Board


The Student Association needs to understand our role
The Student Association turned our reporter and photographers away at International Fiesta on Saturday. In doing so, they torpedoed themselves.
UB Council should hold a limited public comment period
The UB Council went into executive session on Monday morning after a graduate student stood up and interrupted the meeting procedures.  We know the UB Council doesn’t have to listen to graduate students by law. But UB Council members, all of whom advise UB on its future, should sit down, listen and respond to future UB alumni.
UB administrators need to hear black students’ cries for help
UB says it’s a “diverse” and “inclusive” learning environment. But the number of black tenure-track faculty has decreased 44 percent since 2004. The Educational Opportunity Program’s future is in question. And the African and African American Studies program is struggling and virtually hidden on the top of Clemens Hall. UB administrators need to address and fix these glaring problems instead of pretending they don’t exist or making excuses.
U.S. should offer humanitarian aid to Venezuela without political agenda
Venezuela is in a state of crisis. Children are dying of hunger. The country’s inflation rate is expected to increase by 10 million percent this year.  Food is nearly impossible to afford. Education is an afterthought. 
President Trump’s ‘national emergency’ is no emergency; it’s a mess
On Friday, President Donald Trump announced a “national emergency” at the border. He said immigrants were coming to the U.S. more “than probably we’ve ever had before.” He said most drugs don’t come in from “ports of entry.” He also said immigrants invade the U.S. with crimes.
UB should make lockdown drills mandatory
A year ago, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School galvanized the world when they marched and protested for stricter gun regulations after an armed student killed 17 of their friends and schoolmates.  The high school students became media sensations as they charged legislators to be “adults” and protect kids. 
You can’t legitimize racism and neither can Governor Ralph Northam
Blackface isn’t just a southern thing. It’s not an archaic form of racism, either. Blackface still happens today and there’s no excuse for it.
Political issues matter but shutdowns aren’t the answer
None of the Spectrum editors’ families were majorly affected by the recent government shutdown, the longest in U.S. history.  But we’ve heard the stories. The shutdown, which halted funding for roughly one quarter of the federal government, lasted 35 days. It impacted roughly 800,000 federal workers, some who live paycheck to paycheck.
George H.W. Bush should be celebrated as a bipartisan Republican president, still recognized for his entire history
George Bush, the 41st U.S. president, was a man of sweetness and decency, an old-fashioned aristocrat who spent more than 40 years in public service and who knew the value of compromise.  He was also a middleman when he needed to be. 
UB should research, educate students on its difficult, historical past
James O. Putnam helped found the university, but he also considered black people “inferior.”  He wasn’t alone in his thinking –– many prominent people of his time held similar prejudiced views.   Still, Putnam’s is one of the most popular campus restaurants. More students probably know the name “Putnam” than know the names “Tripathi” or “Zukoski,” the UB president and provost or the name Kristina M. Johnson, the current SUNY chancellor.