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EDITORIAL: Why we are not endorsing 2020-21 SA e-board candidates
While the platforms we’re reading about seem incredibly encouraging and a large number of students are hoping to take part in our student government next year, we’ve decided to not endorse candidates for SA president, vice president or treasurer.
Editorial: We can’t give hate speech a platform
On Thursday afternoon, a man with no known UB affiliation stood in the spine for roughly three hours shouting xenophobic and homophobic opinions.  This quickly garnered the attention of roughly 150 students, with large crowds filing around him in between classes.
UB’s decision to dissolve Sub-Board I and its services is out of touch with student needs
Roughly two years ago, then-UB Vice President Dennis Black plead guilty to grand larceny and stealing $320,000 in state funds. And just Monday, UB administrators decided that the same nonprofit which he used as his personal piggy bank should be the fiscal agent of student governments and hold millions of student dollars. How about no.
Student Association should ensure better communication before next budget vote
The Student Association executive board and senators were disappointed with the tone of Friday’s senate meeting. So were we.
The Spectrum encourages UB to help #SaveStudentNewsrooms
The first Spectrum came out in December, 1950. In it, our staff wrote that a campus newspaper must present “all the hues and facets” of important issues at UB.  We don’t use the term “hues and facets” anymore, but we still have the same mission: to deliver news and information to the UB community. 
UB needs to do more to honor, respond to Sebastian Serafin-Bazan’s death
Last week, we lost one of our own.  Freshman Sebastian Serafin-Bazan died on April 17, six days after alleged hazing at the Sigma Pi fraternity in the University Heights. His roommates described him as a dedicated student. They no longer see his Post-It note reminding him of his goal to get a 4.0.
UB’s decision to postpone Greek events is commendable but overly general
UB President Satish Tripathi was quick to act Friday and suspended fraternity events for the immediate future. This was hours after 18-year-old Sebastian Serafin-Bazan was rushed to Buffalo General Medical Center Friday morning following possible hazing at Sigma Pi.
SA’s renewed stance on oSTEM is necessary, but SA policies need clarification
SA President Gunnar Haberl said he wanted to make the “morally right” choice. His statement indicates a reversal on SA’s decision regarding oSTEM –– an LGBTQ club for STEM majors –– and its denied recognition. We agree with this choice.
The Spectrum endorses Students Reform presidential, vice presidential candidates but doesn't endorse a treasurer
The Spectrum unanimously agrees that Students Reform Party presidential and vice presidential ticket is grounded in practical policy. We endorse these candidates for SA’s top two positions in the 2019-20 school year. But we couldn’t agree on this year’s race for SA treasurer.
The Student Association needs to understand our role
The Student Association turned our reporter and photographers away at International Fiesta on Saturday. In doing so, they torpedoed themselves.