The best-hidden study places for UB students

SPot Coffee, Law Library provide alternatives while 'Club Capen' is under renovation


The Oscar A. Silverman Library, located on the third floor of Capen, is still under renovation and many students haven’t found a study location to replace “Club Capen.”

Although many students have been using the basement of Capen and Lockwood Library to get their work done, there are plenty of other better study spots on and off campus to take advantage of.

SPoT Coffee

Looking for a quieter coffee shop than Starbucks to study in? Check out SPoT Coffee located on Hertel Avenue. This location may be more convenient for students who live off campus, but it is definitely a place all students should check out.

This coffee shop resembles Perks from the TV show “Friends” – a place where you can sit on a couch or table with your friends to either hang out or do some studying together.

The best part of it all is that you have full access to coffee whenever you need it – and not just the typical Dunkin Donut’s or Starbucks coffee we’re all used to.

Third floor of HSL

If you have classes on South Campus, the Health and Sciences Library (HSL) is the most convenient place for studying.

The most obvious place to study in this library is the second floor room full of tables. But if you walk up one more floor, you’ll find the real best study spot in HSL. The third floor has everything from a section of tables to computers and cubicles hidden behind bookshelves that gives students some privacy.

Next time you don’t feel like taking the Stampede or driving all the way back to North Campus after class, the third floor of HSL is a great spot to get that work done that needs to be finished.

Richmond Bridge

The Richmond Bridge is a little hidden section near the Millard Fillmore College (MFC) in the Ellicott Complex. This bridge connects Richmond Quad to MFC to Spaulding Quad.

In this bridge, there are tables and chairs set up for students. If you’re roommates are too loud to study in your dorm room, this is the ideal place to go.

Once you make your way back to your dorm after a long day of classes, grab food from the Atrium and make your way up to Richmond Bridge for the perfect place to study.

MFC classrooms

If you’re a procrastinator who dorms in the Ellicott Complex, MFC classrooms are another great spot for last minute all-night studying.

Classes are held in these rooms during the day, but at night they are completely dark and deserted – a nice quiet spot to stay up all night and study.

Snag a cup of coffee from Perks and find your own personal classroom study in and try to memorize all the information you waited until the last minute to study.

Law Library

Are you ever on North Campus and can’t find an empty cubicle to in Lockwood Library?

The Law Library located in O’Brian Hall is the next best place to go.

Students may believe that the Law Library is only accessible for law students. What they don’t know is that the only part of this library exclusively for law students is the computers and private rooms.

When you walk into the Law Library, there is a huge open space for students to sit around and do work. If you keep walking down the main floor, there are elevators that can take you up to more floors where you can find separate cubicles to isolate yourself.

Dani Guglielmo is a features desk editor and can be reached at