How to be a mixologist (without really trying)

Simple mixed drinks for spring break, for the beach or for the home

The Spectrum

Whether you’re going away for spring break or staying home, you’re going to want a drink – or two, or maybe three. You can impress your friends and (probably) worry your parents by making some fun mixed drinks. As always, you should drink responsibly and within the law. With that being said, here are a few simple drinks that can make you feel like you’re a seasoned mixologist.

For the beach



2 parts tequila

1 part triple sec

1 part lime juice

The margarita is a classic warm-weather drink, originating from sunny Mexico. It’s pretty straightforward to make. Simply mix the tequila, lime juice and triple sec with ice chunks. Strain the mix into a glass with lime juice lining the rim of the glass. Sip and enjoy.

Tequila Sunrise


3 parts tequila

6 parts orange juice

1 part grenadine syrup

The tequila sunrise is similar to the margarita but even easier to make, as it is not stirred at all. Simply pour the tequila and orange juice into a glass with ice (on the rocks), then pour in the grenadine. The grenadine sinks to the bottom, giving the drink the appearance of a “sunrise” Do not stir. Add an orange or lime slice to the top and enjoy.


Tequila Sunset

Use dark rum instead of the grenadine syrup if you want even more alcohol.

Sex on the Beach


2 parts vodka

1 part schnapps

2 part orange juice

2 part cranberry juice

Sex on the Beach is a classic beach drink for obvious reasons and it’s straightforward to make. Pour all the ingredients into a glass on the rocks. Add an orange slice to the top and enjoy.


Sex on Fire

Use Fireball instead of the vodka for an extra cinnamon-flavored kick

Long Island Iced Tea


3 parts tequila

3 parts vodka

3 parts white rum

3 parts triple sec

3 parts gin

5 parts lemon juice

6 parts gum syrup

1 part coke

When it comes to Long Island, there’s pizza, bagels and Long Island Iced Tea. This drink will get you incredibly drunk. You have been warned. To make it, add all ingredients into a glass on the rocks. Stir and serve with a lemon. Drink with a straw.

If you’re on a staycation

White Russian


5 parts vodka

3 parts Bailey’s Irish cream

2 parts milk

This is my personal favorite mixed drink as well as my personal version of the ingredients. There are many variations of a White Russian, but I’ve found this mix is usually the best tasting. Pour all the ingredients into a glass on the rocks. Stir and enjoy.


White Belgian

Replace the Bailey’s with chocolate liqueur and the milk with fresh cream.

Dirty Russian

Replace the Bailey’s with coffee liqueur and the milk with chocolate milk. Tasty!

Moscow Mule


9 parts vodka

1 part lime juice

24 parts ginger beer

The Moscow Mule is a fun drink as it generally comes in a copper mug, something I’ve never seen any other drink served in. To make it, pour the vodka and ginger beer on the rocks. Add in the lime juice and stir gently.

Rum and Coke


2 parts coke

1 part rum

Rum and Coke is a classic mixed drink and really easy to make. Simply mix the two ingredients on the rocks. The fun part comes in the different variations people come up with.


Cuba Campechana

Rum and Coke for the big boys. 1 part coke and 1 part rum.

Witch Doctor

Good for a different flavor of Rum and Coke. 2 parts Dr. Pepper and 1 part dark rum.

Hot Cuba Libre

This is a strange one that I’ve never actually had. It’s normal Rum and Coke but with a splash of Caribbean hot sauce.

Johnny Jump-Up


Glass of hard cider

Shot of Irish whiskey

This drink comes from old Ireland where whiskey barrels would be reused for storing hard cider. Whiskey soaked up in the barrel would leak back in to the cider, resulting in a stronger hard cider. To make, simply put a shot of Irish whiskey in a glass of hard cider. Enjoy.


The Paumanok

Use a shot of Fireball instead of Irish whiskey. The Fireball’s cinnamon taste complements the apple well.