Around Your Living Room

Well, you're probably stuck inside, so here are ideas for a snowed-in weekend


Meteorologists are predicting that temperatures are going to rise this weekend, but with feet of snow piled up all over the Western New York area, it is likely that you won’t be going out and about this weekend – especially not to the city.

Instead, you might be stuck in your living room for the weekend and while you probably have endless work to do, who can only study and do homework when hot chocolate and Netflix are nearby?

For the partier

What a better time to be a partier than during a snowstorm? Make your humble abode the best snowstorm party around with clever winter themed drinks like alcoholic hot chocolate, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or alcoholic eggnog and tons of string lights all over the walls. Cut out designs in construction paper to make snowflakes and deck the halls. You can pick from all the wonderful holiday-themed parties, like Ugly Sweater Party, Elves and Santas or have everyone dress up like reindeer. Totally obvious, but totally fun.

Classier holiday parties require a little more work, but instead of throwing a raging party, invite a few close friends over for a black tie-ish party. Find vintage holiday music online and encourage everyone to get inspiration from the 1920s or ‘30s for their clothing. Making the party a little glitzier with silver decorations, wine or hors d’oeuvres will feel ultra-glamorous after days of being stuck indoors in pajamas.

For the artsy type

Instead of traveling to the city to check out art galleries and poetry readings, spend the weekend working on your own art. Take the time to branch out into the crafty side of art and make gifts for your friends and family. You may not be able to get to a craft store, so look around your apartment for extra craft supplies.

For a more practical gift, make your mom a plastic-bag-hanging-holder using leftover fabric, fabric glue and ribbon. The holder is cylindrical with an opening at the top to stick the plastic bags in. The bottom can be tied shut with a ribbon. Simply take a piece of fabric, the size depends on how large you want the holder, fold it in half, glue or hand-sew the sides together and tie the bottom shut with a ribbon.

Ankle cuffs are easy to make and cute for your close girlfriends. I made some last winter using a furry black fabric for the outside and soft golden fabric to line them with. Simply wrap the fabric around your ankle for measurement, cut it out, sew the lining into it and either glue or hand-sew two pieces of ribbon on each end to tie around your ankle. Ankle cuffs sit above heels and are usually only a few inches in height.

For the intellectual type

Yes, of course you can take this weekend to catch up on all the books you’ve accumulated but haven’t had time to read this semester, but why not check out some new shows on Netflix that will satisfy your intellectual desires?

Henning Mankell’s “Wallander” – I personally prefer the Swedish version over the BBC version, but either one is better than any American crime drama. The shows center on Wallander, an aging (more than 60-years old) detective in beautiful Sweden. The episodes are over an hour long and each is filled with suspense and complex story lines. The show is brilliantly filmed, the characters are impeccable and the stories are gripping.

“Peaky Blinders” – This Netflix Original series focuses a gang in 1920s Birmingham, England. Not only is the man character, Thomas Shelby, incredibly attractive and all the Peaky Blinders have delightful haircuts, but each episode is intriguing as the gang negotiates its place in the English underworld. When a lovely blonde girl comes to Birmingham and, totally unexpectedly (not), falls in love with Tommy – problems ensue.

“Peep Show,” “Black Adder,” “Fawlty Towers,” “A League of Gentlemen” and “A Bit of Fry” and “Laurie” are some of the best comedy shows ever. All of them are British. All of them are endlessly dry and socially awkward.

"Monarchy” – a very watchable series about the history of monarchy in Britain. David Starkey narrates the story of the monarchy from Alfred the Great to Queen Victoria.

For the athletic type

For those lucky ones able to drive somewhere and are willing to brave the trip to Orchard Park, Ralph Wilson Stadium – home of the Buffalo Bills – is seeking locals to come and help clear snow from the stadium. For $10 an hour plus game tickets, you can go and take part in removing the over 220,000 tons of snow once the travel ban is lifted. Call 716-636-4840 for details.