Around Town: Buffalo culture edition
But for those of you just getting to UB, or returning for another year, getting to know Buffalo’s major cultural staples will make your time at UB less stressful, more engaging, and a hell of a lot more fun.
My last college move
When I transferred back home to Buffalo, I figured it was probably time to find “my thing” – you know, get involved, make friends, blah blah. At the beginning of the spring semester of my junior year I got a mass email: The Spectrum was hiring.
Legitimate arguments are based on logic, not disgust
I am firmly pro-abortion rights. I am a heterosexual cisgender woman. I have a uterus so I may one day be pregnant and when that day comes, I deserve the right to choose what I envision for my future. If that future doesn’t involve a baby, or at least the present doesn’t make supporting a child a viable option, I have – and deserve – the right to make that choice.
UB's Celebration of Student Academic Excellence highlights student achievement
Thursday morning I gathered with about 400 other undergraduate students at the 11th annual Celebration of Student Academic Excellence, put on by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA), to present my research on the works of French author Marguerite Duras.
UB’s new English requirements do a disservice to the field
UB English department – I love you, but let’s be honest. These new requirements? Not cool. The English department sent out an email over spring break that the requirements to be an English major were changing, something that is perhaps unsurprising.
Making Buffalo home
I’m an off-campus student, I don’t live with my parents and I certainly don’t live in the Heights. And neither should you.
The perfect staycation in Buffalo
Being snowbound in Buffalo doesn’t mean you can’t have a brilliant Spring Break. There’s enough new art exhibitions in the city, sports games, plays and even tropical cocktails at the Botanical Gardens to keep you busy every glorious day of break.
Around Town: what to do in Buffalo this weekend - Beaver Island State Park, hula hooping and Golden Gloves Boxing
This weekend Buffalo is home to a wide range of outings, from birding to boxing to hula hooping on Elmwood. Instead of resorting to typical weekend activities like a dinner and a movie, step outside of the box and maybe you’ll find a new hobby.
Around Town
Despite below freezing temperatures and wind chills hitting negative 20 degrees, Buffalo is alive and well this weekend.
Darkness shapes the light
Emma Janicki, standing in front of the Brandenburg Tor. Sara DiNatale, The Spectrum My fingers fumbled around my friend?s fingers as her relatively steady hand grasped the round bottom of what must?ve been a clear glass water bottle, dangerously filled with sparkling water.