Night of the Living Dead

The Spectrum

Contrary to popular belief, pop punk is not dead, and that's what New Found Glory was out to prove Tuesday night at the Town Ballroom.

New Found Glory, one of the forefathers of pop punk, demonstrated why the band has been able to put out seven full-length albums to date. Every opening act for Pop Punk's Not Dead was clearly influenced by NFG.

New Found Glory opened with the introductory song to their album Catalyst. Calling out bands that just try to make a profit off the pop punk movement, NFG made it clear that pop punk was about the fans and the music, not the money.

The band blew the crowd away with its intense live show – one of the reasons NFG is considered one of the most influential groups of the past 15 years.

The band's stage presence is second to none – New Found Glory's catchy lyrics, intense breakdowns and rhythmic instrumentals got the whole crowd involved. The throng of NFG fans jumped, danced and sang along with the band's every word.

NFG incorporated three exquisite covers into their set: Green Day's "Basket Case," The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop," and Six Pence None the Richer's "Kiss Me." Far from just covers, New Found Glory was sure to add signature twists to these old favorites.

NFG ended their set with a confetti cannon and the classic "My Friends Over You." As the confetti rained down, the crowd took advantage of the last opportunity to dance along.

Before NFG took to the stage, the crowd was warmed up by a slew of the genre's best up-and-comers.

Man Overboard contributed a solid set and an ample amount of energy. Though their setlist was short, it left a lasting impression.

Man Overboard ended their set with the fan favorite, "Love Your Friends, Die Laughing." The crowd screamed back every word to the band as if the audience wrote the song.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pa., The Wonder Years is another strong addition to the scene Their song writing is impeccable and their instrumentals are catchy. It is just a matter of time untilthe rest of the country catches on to one of the best bands out there, and not just in the genre.

The band's realist lyrics radiated through the sold out Town Ballroom as the audience got into The Wonder Years nearly as much as they did for NFG. It was evident by the crowd's reaction that The Wonder Years is likely to carry the pop punk torch for years to come.

Kicking off the show with the shortest set of the night was This Time Next Year. Though the band appeared to still be relatively unknown to much of the crowd, they still managed to generate a high-energy response from the foremost section of the audience.

The only band that seemed to be a bit of a let down was Set Your Goals. Their sound quality was subpar and their stage presence was lacking. Although SYG seemed to be the night's disappointment, a large section of the crowd still jumped and sang in time with the California natives.

New Found Glory put together one of the best tours of the year – one that demonstrated that pop punk truly isn't dead.