Communication Students Reach Out

The Spectrum

Students in COM 317 are bringing creativity to the lives of hundreds of elementary school children at Buffalo Public School 30 on Monday.

"This is a night designed specifically for the kids and their families," said Adrian Finch, a senior communication major and team leader of the public relations and marketing team. "It's a great opportunity for parents to take time from their day and attend a free event with their kids."

P.S. 30 is a very diverse school with a significantly high poverty rate. The "Spark Your Imagination and Explore the Endless Possibilities" activity night is an opportunity for the children and families to enjoy themselves in a safe environment at no cost.

The children in grades kindergarten through eighth will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as face painting, dancing, Guitar Hero, puppet making, and a variety of other youthful pleasures.

By creating this event, the students of COM 317, Intro to Business and Professional Communication, hope to encourage parents to have an active role in their children's lives.

"I know how important my parents' presence is in my life," Finch said. "With this event, we want to create a night for the kids and their families to create and explore together."

The idea for this event is a part of the very hands-on curriculum of Mary Beth Debus, the instructor of COM 317.

In the class, Finch and others had to complete a resume, craft a cover letter, and go on an interview for the fictional company "Class Project Inc." Based on performance, each student received a job title.

"Organizing this event is important because it gives COM 317 students a chance to take the skills that we learn inside the classroom and put them to work in the real world," Finch said.

"Spark Your Imagination," which will commence in the gymnasium of Frank A. Sedita Elementary School at 4 p.m. on Monday, is sponsored directly by the students of COM 317 and donations from P.S. 30.

In years past, the COM 317 students have hosted a jungle night, a carnival, and an event introducing various cultures.

Finch encourages future students to consider taking COM 317 as a way of receiving hands-on experience with possible careers.

"The knowledge and the experience that you gain in this class will carry through to your future career," Finch said.

The parents and children of P.S. 30 have grown quite familiar with the COM 317 class, and are very eager for what is to come.

"We've been planning this event for over two months, and we can't wait to see all of our hard work pay off," Finch said. "I hope they enjoy the night just as much as we have enjoyed planning it for them."