Killin' it

The Spectrum

Groin thrusts, dancing and outlandish facial hair were abundant as Foxy Shazam nearly tore down the walls at Mohawk Place Tuesday night.
Hundreds of bands pop up every day with the same goal: to become the next big thing. Many have attempted this somewhat impossible task with very few actually succeeding.
After their visit to WRUB Day, Foxy Shazam got ready to put on a show that Buffalo will not soon forget.
Foxy, who is well known for their on-stage antics, headlined one of the best tours to stop in Buffalo in quite some time.
The band's five-year experience was evident, as every member of Foxy knew how to dazzle the crowd. From stellar dance moves to amazing balancing acts, the band's show made sure that nobody will be forgetting Foxy Shazam.
Leading the on-stage frolics was front man Eric Nally, whose performance knows no bounds. Hanging from the pipes upside down and rolling around on the ground is just the tip of the iceberg for Nally.
Right from the opening chords, Foxy had the crowd eating from their hands. The band quickly moved through fan favorites like "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while also getting into new material like "Count Me Out."
Although Nally may be one of the most extravagant singers, the supporting cast of Foxy didn't let him steal the spotlight. Every member of Foxy Shazam had their own style for entertaining the crowd.
Classically trained pianist Sky White is as eccentric as the beard that rests on his face. White jammed out on the piano while lying down, face underneath the bottom of the keyboard and didn't miss a note.
The brass section might not be Foxy's most prominent feature, but Alex Nauth sported some ridiculous dance moves that complimented Nally's antics about as well as anyone could, and added some glass shattering backup vocals.
As Foxy stormed through their itinerary, they did a great job mixing the fan favorites with material from their upcoming self-titled album. The crowd erupted as Foxy played "Introducing Foxy" and "The Rocketeer."
The pinnacle of the show was when Nally started to smoke four cigarettes at once. He must have decided that he didn't like cowboy killers since a couple of drags in, Nally turned the death sticks around and started eating all four at once. It may have been unconventional, but the crowd ate it up.
To end their tenure at Mohawk Place, Foxy Shazam played the cult classic "No, Don't Shoot." The crowd exploded into a massive mosh pit, and as Nally ended the show he pulled out all the tricks. Head banging, dangling from the ceiling, and brutal breakdowns left the crowd begging for more Foxy.
Before Foxy Shazam took the stage, Bad Rabbits, hailing from Boston, got the crowd moving with their unique style. Combining rock and funk, the band had the crowd dancing as soon as they took the stage.
Their high-energy show is unmatched by many in the music industry. The only people having more fun than the crowd during Bad Rabbits were the actual members of Bad Rabbits.
The deeper Bad Rabbits got into their set, the deeper the audience fell in love with the band's sound. There is no way that Bad Rabbits will not blow up. Their unique style and energetic live show puts them a head above the rest.
In between the two sets, The Young Veins took the stage. Riding on the fame they garnered from Panic! At The Disco, The Young Veins serenaded their preteen Twilight fans with a bad Beatles knockoff.
Opening the evening was the local band Raspberry Infernos. Their trippy grunge rock sound was the perfect way to start the night.
When the lights faded to black, the crowd knew that they had just witnessed one of the best shows that will come through Buffalo for a while.