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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Letter to the Editor

In this time of confusion and uncertainty, I am desperate to clarify to the Buffalo community and the American people who the vast majority of Muslims are and what their religion advocates. It is my hope that Americans will make every effort to understand what the Muslim community represents, based on facts and direct knowledge, rather than drawing their own opinions and conclusions based upon stereotypes depicted in the media.

The Muslims at UB and those living in the USA have different views and a different way of life from the fundamentalists who have been implicated in the recent terrorist attacks. Americans often make a connection between the words "terrorism," "fundamentalism," and the Muslim religion. These three words are so often connected in the media, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate them. The fundamentalist voice and actions do not represent the views of the Muslim community as a whole.

Fundamentalists advocate all means necessary to combat moral and religious standards which are non-Islamic, and against cultural and social circles not their own, which they view as "evil." Fundamentalists distort the Qur'an which actually teaches justice, piety and peace.

The world's Muslims, who have a completely different view from the fundamentalists or extremists, practice their religion responsibly and peacefully. These Muslims condemn and speak out against extremist violence and against terrorism. Muslims denounce Fundamentalism as a practice of Islam. They reject cowardly methods of warfare and harm to women, children, and all innocent civilians.

The Muslims here love America. Muslims here are peace-seeking and respect America. Now they're weeping along with us.

Muslims across the country are finding themselves victims of hate crimes - physical and verbal attacks, mosque damage, living in fear of their lives because of their faith. I beseech you, please separate the extremist fundamentalists outside our country from our American Muslim neighbors. Please distinguish terrorists from peaceful Muslims.



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