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Letter to the editor: Support for UB art student Ashley Powell

Dear Spectrum Editor,

I would like to say that as an art project and a statement of our times it is most appropriate. If I were to encounter signs of this nature I would certainly give it much thought and wonder just what was going on. I would not be offended in any way by seeing signs such as “whites only’ and ‘blacks only’, but I would wonder about it and I would try to find out what was going on to discuss why these signs were put up.

I quite agree that certain aspects of history have not progressed at all. Ms. Ashley Powell as an artist has every right to create her art. It may upset certain people because of the reference to past history, but it is necessary to remind people as to how some things have not changed.

Seeing as Ms. Powell’s ethnicity has been disclosed, I feel that it is requisite of me to disclose my ethnicity. I am a Caucasian male and I in full support of Ms. Powell. Also, I am 69 years of age and I could tell you of many injustices I have seen in my life; but, that is not the topic of concern. The issue that Ms. Powell has touched upon is much needed and needs to not be swept under the rug.

More power to you Ms. Powell, and do not let anyone deter you in your quest. I wish you much success in your future and never back down from your detractors. There is no need on your part to apologize. Too many people are way too sensitive and PC in our society.

Respectfully yours,

Supportive Senior Caucasian Male

Sacramento, CA

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