Celebrate good times
If you’ve been working your tail off this semester or want to celebrate with your departing friends, here’s your chance.
The beginnings of a storyteller
I remember when I was in elementary school and performed in yearly school plays. I would hand my mom the pamphlets and she would mark down the dates and times.
Native community members want better representation on campus
UB stands on traditional Seneca Nation land but not a single sign lets students know this. Only one building –– Red Jacket –– hints at UB’s indigenous past.
Restrooms at UB lack menstrual product dispensers
UB students, faculty and staff who menstruate don’t have enough access to on-campus menstrual products. Products like tampons and pads are accessible in some off-campus public restrooms for purchase through a vending dispenser.
SA hosts fourth annual Buffalo Untapped food festival
Cold temperatures didn’t stop over 1,000 people from enjoying food and beverages outside on Sunday. SA hosted their fourth annual Buffalo Untapped event in the Lasalle Lot at Alumni Arena.
Rewriting the college menu
Quick, cheap and unhealthy meals have long plagued college students’ diets. We put our obligations as students before our health, from easy macaroni and cheese boxes to Domino’s pizza. Students who eat healthier have a better academic performance, according to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. If you’re looking for easy, healthy dishes to get you started, here are a few ideas.
UB students frustrated about excessive fire alarms at on-campus apartments
Fire alarms are sounding in university residence halls at an alarming rate.
Students upset Comedy Series aligns with Passover
Andrew Meyer has attended every Student Association Comedy Series since 2015. The event is on March 30 this year, the first night of the Jewish holiday Passover. Meyer will not be able to attend this year’s Comedy Series because he will be home on Long Island for the holiday.
UB club gets cryptic
Cryptocurrency –– digitalized money or assets –– has a unique stance in the financial market: its value will not be backed by any banks or government. With a current frenzy for cryptocurrency, UB Blockchains & Cryptocurrency Club is bringing interested students together. Members of the club are taught cryptocurrency’s financial impact and the technology behind how the currency obtains its value.
When I was a child, hide-and-seek was one of my favorite games. Hiding in dark alleyways and having an amused fear of being found was innocent child’s play. As an adult, the game has taken on another meaning for me. I was followed a few days ago around Main Street. It was in the early afternoon and I was walking alone.