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Originally, I didn’t want to write this piece – for multiple reasons. The main reason being that I’m not really leaving UB. Also, because saying goodbye seems silly to me considering that the work that we do as staff writers, editors, copy editors and managing editors will always be part of the legacy that is The Spectrum.
How a Dominos delivery man became my taxi driver
Like many good college stories, it all started after a very successful night of alcohol consumption and almost ended with my friend and me freezing to death.
UB discusses how to help sexual assault survivors
After the very detailed and very explicit video ends, Aaron Maracle talked about how the experience of the hypothetical male police officer is very similar to the experience of any woman who may have been a survivor of sexual assault. Maracle, an assistant violence prevention specialist with Wellness Education Services, said that Health Education Wellness Services has been putting on programs like this for close to 10 years now.
Frugal furniture shopping: The benefits of buying cheap furniture
Falguni Bharadwha, a first-year computer science masters student, walked into her new home on South Campus last semester with her housemates and was met with a completely empty space. It was then they knew that they had to turn that house into a home. “We literally had to buy everything,” Bharadwha said. “We ordered a lot of stuff online from Amazon. We got the closet on Amazon [and] my study table is from IKEA. My cousins live around Ohio so they bought it and sent it to me.”
Studying at UB but pledging at Buffalo State was worth it
Most students at UB don’t want to pledge. And who could blame them? With all the negative media coverage that various organizations have been getting due to hazing allegations and misconduct, some people might truly believe that Greek Life as we know it is plummeting to its ugly and inevitable death. But for a small group of individuals like me, who while attending classes at UB completed most or all of their process at SUNY Buffalo State or vice versa – the value we attribute to our organization is drastically greater than your average on-campus pledge.
Late Night UB: An alternative way to spend a Friday night
Late Night UB is a program under the Division of Student Affairs that offers students late night entrainment in an alcohol-free environment on Friday nights throughout the semester. Any student can come enjoy activities such as inflatable obstacle courses, music and food for free.
UB students go on alternative spring break trips to help build community
UB offers several alternative spring break programs through the Office of Student Engagement, and will send students to places like the Dominican Republic, Charlottesville, Virginia, Salma, Alabama and even the local Buffalo community this spring break for volunteer work, from building affordable housing to teaching children.
Be your own beer expert
With amusing beer names like Pantius Droppus, Chocolate Cherry Bomb and Ski Bum – Ellicottville Brewing Company has developed a formula for craft beers which, with their brewing techniques, formulate their Standard, Imperial, Seasonal and Holiday brews.
International Tea Time connects UB students from different corners of the world
Tea time is open to all students, though it’s geared toward international students. Snacks are purchased at international grocery stores and various types of tea are provided.
UB College Republicans offer students opportunity for political discussion
Organizations like UB College Republicans aim to create an environment where open discussions about the nations issues allow politically active students and non-political students alike to learn more about problems facing this country.