Shamini Priya Gopalakrishna


UB Health Promotion raises awareness of sexual violence through workshops
One in five women experience sexual violence while in college, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Forty-eight students have experienced sexual violence after arriving to UB, according to UB’s 2017-18 Sexual Assault Prevention Program. Through education and workshops, the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is looking to make a change.
Indonesian students upset after devastating tsunami in their home country
On Sept. 28, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The earthquake triggered a roughly 10-foot-high tsunami. The tsunami struck land and hit Palu, Indonesia.  The official death toll, as of Oct. 17, is 2,100, according to a report by the World Health Organization. Six hundred eighty people are missing, according to the report.