School of Dental Medicine Appoints New Dean
Richard Buchanan, director of advanced clinical education at Baylor College of Dentistry at the Texas A&M University System Health Science Center, has been named dean of the UB School of Dental Medicine.
Pitches Bring Song and Laughter to CFA
Singing without instrumental accompaniment is like walking through the woods without following a marked path: It can be done, but it's not easy.
Media Studies Program Fits Within Students' Frame
The term "media studies" often conjures with it images of independent filmmakers toting massive cameras and equipment around a bustling set en route to Hollywood.
Take Back The Night's Light Still Burning Strong
Amidst whirling winds, luminous lightening and threatening thunder, defiant proclamations rose from Buffalo residents determined to "take back the night" and raise awareness of rape and sexual assault.
Buffalonians Gather to Remember
Following last week's terrorist crashes in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Pennsylvania, nearly 50,000 Buffalo residents gathered last Sunday in front of City Hall on a platform of unified patriotism.For many, the sojourn began at the South Campus train station, where long lines of people waited to purchase tickets.
"City of Light"" Brightens Studio Arena Stage"
The centennial fanfare surrounding the Pan-American Exposition has culminated with Studio Arena's skillful adaptation of "City of Light," bringing the soon-to-be classic novel of Buffalo's rich history to audiences with all its intricate charms intact.Those who have read Lauren Belfer's novel might question how 518 very detailed pages could be brought to the visual milieu of the stage, with its numerous plots and subplots of love, hate, suspense, murder and mystery and countless settings in Victorian mansions, steel factories and Buffalo's vital waterways.