UB's BSU celebrates 49th solidarity day
On Monday, UB's Black Student Union held their 49th annual Solidarity Day, an event meant to support local black-owned businesses and galvanize black voters beyond the general election into local and state elections. The event was also a celebration of BSU's past as they approach their 50-year anniversary.
Money Talk: the cost of the campaign trail
If there is one fact that holds true in each election, it’s that campaigns are expensive. A campaign requires constant fundraising to maintain its pace and candidates cannot continue without this funding. Both candidates have raised more than $2 billion all together, leading up to Oct.
Money Talk: How tax brackets affect small businesses
Taxes and small businesses are mentioned constantly during election processes, but competition between small businesses and large companies are complicated. So complicated that even a tax bracket can put small businesses at a disadvantage, not only against larger companies, but even to make a profit.
Adventure time: UB Alumni run Niagara Falls Adventure Park
Zip lining down 350 feet or a daredevil jump off a rooftop might be a good way to blow off some steam as schoolwork starts to pile on. Niagara Falls Adventure Park is the place to go. The park is run by Ryan Lynn, a UB alumnus, and Kevin Santa, a student taking a year off. The park, located at 427 First Street, Niagara Falls, has three attractions for thrill-seekers: zip lining, rope-courses and Daredevil jumping.
Money Talk: Ciminelli projects at UB
Ciminelli is the CEO of LPCiminelli, which is the largest general construction firm in Western New York. Ciminelli is facing charges of conspiracy and bribery for winning public contracts, which raises questions about his trend of winning bids for UB construction projects.
Money Talk: Opportunity cost
In life, we’re faced with situations that force us to make some kind of decision, one way or another. So how do you go about making the best decision for yourself when you find yourself at an impasse? Thanks to the economic concept of opportunity cost, it’s easier to make such a decision while also giving yourself a long-term outlook. Opportunity cost forces you to evaluate what you should take into account, what you shouldn’t and how that will take you into the future.
Money Talk: when aid comes too late
Financial aid clears after the first five weeks into the semester, which means sometimes students have to go without for that length of time, be it with books or living needs.
Money Talk: Incentives trump ethics for Wells Fargo
This scandal, which unfolded over this past week, has many customers upset over the breach of trust, but more importantly, the financial effect this had on victims’ pockets and credit scores.
Money Talk: credit cards, the tamable beast
When it comes to credit cards, they can seem like a mysterious force that can too easily take control of your financial life. While this is definitely true, it’s not as easy to fall into the trap if you know how to shop for credit cards and use them properly.
UB’s Poder Latinos Unidos holds Havana-themed banquet
Celebrating their 48th year as an organization, Poder Latinos Unidos and its supporters got together to fantasize a night in Havana, Cuba on Saturday evening.