Fall Fest playlist: A quick guide to Young the Giant and Verzache

Get to know the bands playing Saturday


The Fall Fest Concert Series continues Saturday with its “Indie-Rock Showcase,” the second show of the three-part series. 

Rockers Young the Giant –– who headlined Spring Fest 2015 –– will headline the show as relaxed crooner Verzache opens the show. To get hyped up for fest, here’s a list of seven songs (three by Verzache and four by Young the Giant) to familiarize yourself with before heading to the Center for the Arts Saturday night.

Young the Giant - “My Body” 

“Young the Giant” 2010 

You’ve probably heard this song before. The vocalist’s war cries of “My body tells me no! But I won't quit ‘cuz I want more, 'cuz I want more,” are embedded deep in the generation’s eardrums. Even if it’s a bit overplayed, this is still a triumphant and upbeat track with great melodies and vibes for a good day.

Verzache - “Needs” 

N/A, 2018 

Opener Verzache’s “Needs” is their biggest hit and showcases the group at its sleekest and smoothest. With a deep kick and catchy bassline, it sounds like Tame Impala producing a James Blake track in the best way. Summer may be over, but this song makes it sound like the sun is beating down in August.

Verzache - “Waiting for You”

“D97” EP, 2017 

Compared to “Needs,” “Waiting for You” is a whisper. Verzache croons “I don't feel the love no more, I've been waiting for you on the dance floor” over an instrumental that sounds like “lo-fi beats to chill and study to,” but the vocal melodies have an Alt R&B Joji-style quality. It makes for a sweet but melancholic and mellow four minutes.

Young the Giant - “Cough Syrup” 

“Young the Giant” 2010 

This is arguably Young the Giant’s biggest hit, but it sees the group calming down and channeling The Killers. It doesn’t sound like them, and part of the reason for this is because the song predates the band itself. The song was recorded back in 2008 when the band was going by the name The Jakes. Regardless, it is an emotional and catchy ballad with an irresistible vocal melody.

Verzache - “I Don’t Wanna Be Nothin’”

N/A, 2019 

Verzache’s newest single is one of his calmest yet. It sees him going in an indie-folk direction a la Bon Iver, but it never devolves into copycat-isms. There is a deep rumbling bass in the low end that grounds this otherwise lightweight and relaxing tune. It’s good for quiet nights and introspection.

Young the Giant - “Silvertongue” 

“Home of the Strange” 2016 

This song finds Young the Giant at their poppiest and most concise. The lead singer’s yelps of “Oh, girl, I've got that silver tongue, got, got that silver, silver tongue,” on top of the bouncy beat makes for an addicting combo. It may sound a little dated today but turning it on will take you back to the summer of 2016.

Young the Giant - “Superposition” 

“Mirror Master” 2018 

To close out this playlist, try the opening track from Young the Giant’s newest album. The thumping drums take up the most space in the mix, but the guitars contrast them with their very light and folky strums. It showcases them at a midpoint between the mellow stylings of “Cough Syrup” and the more upbeat “My Body.” Expect to hear quite a few songs from their new album, and there is no better entry point into the band’s updated sound than this cut.

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Alex Whetham is an asst. arts editor for The Spectrum