No car, no problem

A guide to off-campus restaurants to keep your belly happy without breaking the bank on cab services


Are you tired of the same old food on campus and itching to expand your taste buds? Many students don’t own a car, and it becomes a hassle to access places off campus that aren’t in walking distance. 

But there are a few great options off campus students can access without a car by using the UB Stampede –– a service most students pay for –– to get to restaurants around North Campus and on Main Street. 

 The options around North Campus are relatively limited and harder to access using the UB Stampede compared to South Campus. Main Street has better-known authentic restaurants that carry some delicious dishes. 

South Campus 

Students can access restaurants on Main Street –– across from South Campus –– by taking the Stampede to the Main Circle stop on South Campus. It is roughly a 20-minute bus ride, and all places listed below are an average five-minute walk from the Main Circle stop. 

Amy’s Place- 3234 Main St.

Amy’s is a laid-back diner that offers all-day breakfast and a fusion of Middle Eastern and American dishes. There are many vegan and vegetarian options and most items on the menu can be customized to dietary requirements. The stop is pretty affordable with most dishes costing below $10. 


SATO Ramen- 3268 Main St.

SATO offers a variety of ramen, Japanese curry and rice dishes and a fusion of Asian appetizers and desserts. The average price range for main course dishes is around $12 and $6 for appetizers and desserts. 


Tandoori Hut- 3171 Main St.

Tandoori Hut is an Indian restaurant that offers both South and North Indian dishes. Look out for the lunch and dinner buffets which typically cost around $14. 

Lake Effect Diner- 3165 Main St.

Travel back to the ’50s in this quaint, neon-lit diner, serving classic All-American food. Craving breakfast at 6 p.m.? Lake Effect offers all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices for most dishes range is roughly $10 to $20. 


Wholly Crepe- 3292 Main St.

This hot spot specializes in crepes and offers a wide variety of savory and dessert crepes. In addition, it offers coffees and smoothies. In terms of price, it is quite reasonable –– the average price is $6. 


Kalypso- 12 Winspear Ave.

Kalypso serves a fusion of Jamaican and American cuisine.It offers lunch specials at only $5. The price range for most non-special dishes is between $7 to $15. 


North Campus 

Pho 54- 1280 Sweet Home Road #101

Pho 54 offers Asian cuisines including Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese (specifically sushi). The pricing of the menu ranges from the lowest at $6 to the highest at $30. 

Take the UB Stampede from Ellicott or Lee loop to Hadley Village to get to this one. There is no designated stop at Hadley Village, so students have to pull the string to request the stop. Once at Hadley Village, it is a 10-15-minute walk to Pho 54.

Tea Leaf Cafe- 4224 Maple Road #124

This is an ideal spot to hang out with friends or for study dates. It is most known for its wide range of customizable bubble tea. However, Tea Leaf serves a variety of coffees, teas and other beverages as well. 

Take the same Stampede route to Hadley Village to get here. Once at Hadley Village, it is a 15-minute walk.

Zetti’s Pizza and Pasta- 4621 Maple Road

Zetti’s serves a range of pizza, pasta and calzones and is right across from Flint Village. The price range for most dishes lies between $4 and $20. 

Take the UB Stampede to the Center for Tomorrow. It is approximately a 10-minute walk from there using Google Maps. 

Another economical option to get around North Campus is to bike down to the restaurants using the UB Bikeshare service or your own bike. 


Boulevard  Consumer Square

On Saturdays, the Stampede takes students on a mall/market ride from Flickinger, Ellicott and Governors to the Boulevard Consumer Square. 

While there, check out restaurants like Naan-tastic, the Halal Guys, Blaze Pizza and Chipotle, along with other chain restaurants and cafes.

Vindhya Burugupalli is a senior multimedia editor and can be reached at and @moonhorizon_


Vindhya Burugupalli is the engagement editor for The Spectrum. She loves traveling and documenting her experiences through mp4s and jpegs. In her free time, she can be found exploring cute coffee shops and food spots.