UB reviewing Kapoor Hall name following John Kapoor’s guilty verdict



UB leadership is discussing renaming Kapoor Hall after a federal court in Boston found John Kapoor, alum and founder of Insys Therapeutics, guilty of a racketeering conspiracy on Wednesday. 

The court found Kapoor and four other top executives guilty of bribing physicians to prescribe fentanyl spray to patients who didn’t need the medication. 

John and Editha Kapoor Hall on South Campus is named after the ‘72 alum –– who donated over $10.8 million to UB –– and his deceased wife. 

UB released a statement on the verdict, saying leadership is “reviewing and discussing the impact under UB and SUNY policies pertaining to university namings.” 

Beth Del Genio, chief of staff for UB President Satish Tripathi said during a DIFCON panel in February that UB was holding off discussions on renaming Kapoor Hall until courts determined Kapoor’s involvement in the opioid crisis. 

“The illegal and unethical activities brought to light during the trial are in stark contrast to UB’s core values and our mission to improve lives, strengthen communities and positively change the world,” UB’s press release read. 

The policy for renaming UB buildings currently entails a recommendation from Vice President for Student Life A. Scott Weber, followed by approval from President Tripathi and the UB Council. SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson then reviews and approves recommendations, after which the SUNY Board of Trustees makes the final decision. 

A university building has not been renamed in the last 20 years due to a person’s past, according to UB spokesperson Cory Nealon. 

Tanveen is a co-senior news editor and can be reached at tanveen.vohra@ubspectrum.com and on Twitter @TanveenUBSpec.


Tanveen Vohra is a former senior news editor and covered international relations and graduate student protests.