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Tanveen Vohra is a former senior news editor and covered international relations and graduate student protests.


Queen of UB: Daphne York
Matthew Groth pouts into a vanity mirror in his bedroom, admiring his jawline and fixing his already-perfect hair. A 10-foot rack stands next to him, housing over 15 wigs and enough fake jewelry and form-fitting outfits to satisfy a production of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” 
UB Council doesn’t discuss Sub-Board I or Living Stipend Movement, goes through with Kapoor Hall name removal
 Student Representative Michael Brown called into Monday’s UB Council meeting and spoke for 15 minutes, denouncing the university’s decision to remove Sub-Board I as the fiscal agent for student fees.  
Sub-Board I holds rally against UB's fiscal agent decision
Roughly 40 UB community members flooded the fifth floor of Capen Hall on Tuesday morning. They occupied chairs, couches and the floor while yelling “No Way FSA,” and “Save SBI.”
UB to replace Sub-Board I with Faculty Student Association as student government fiscal agent
UB is replacing Sub-Board I, which has overseen student government funds for the past 49 years, with the Faculty Student Association, a private nonprofit. 
UB President Satish Tripathi discusses Greek life, campus protests and Kapoor Hall renaming
Satish Tripathi has been UB president for eight years and said he’ll continue to serve the role as long as he feels like he can “make a difference.” Or –– as he joked –– as long as he doesn’t get fired.
UB to replace Sub-Board I with Faculty Student Association as student government fiscal agent
  UB will replace Sub-Board I, its fiscal agent for student governments, with the Faculty Student Association on July 1, according to Vice President of Student Life A. Scott Weber and Vice President for Finance and Administration Laura Hubbard.   The decision, according to Weber, coincides with a UB review committee’s suggestion to cut various SBI-funded programs, including free legal counsel for students, the South Campus safety shuttle bus, radio station WRUB and off-campus housing.
Ramadan 2019: Muslim students prepare to fast during finals week
Starting this week, Muslim students at UB, along with Muslim people all over the world, will be fasting from sunlight to sunset to observe Ramadan. 
UB reviewing Kapoor Hall name following John Kapoor’s guilty verdict
UB leadership is discussing renaming Kapoor Hall after a federal court in Boston found John Kapoor, alum and founder of Insys Therapeutics, guilty of a racketeering conspiracy on Wednesday.  
May Day rally: Students and faculty protest wages for International Workers’ Day
Roughly 50 protesters marched to President Satish Tripathi’s office on Wednesday afternoon, leaving a coffin and a petition on the front desk.