David Fathi discusses criminal justice reform in Spectrum Q&A
 David Fathi has led prison reform across the United States, was the director of the U.S. Human Rights Watch and advocated for the United Nations to adopt the “Nelson Mandela Rules,” which revised the minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners worldwide.  
Attorney Paul Wolf discusses open government at UB
A local coalition for open government graded 10 public college councils on their adherence to New York’s Open Meetings Law. UB was one of them.  None passed.
Student Association commemorates Mental Health Awareness Week
The Student Association is holding events to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week through Thursday in the Student Union. The events are part of SA President Gunnar Haberl’s push to address mental health awareness on campus. 
Graduate students stage demonstration during Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting
English Ph.D. student Willis McCumber spoke at Wednesday’s Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting and voiced the Living Stipend Movement’s dissatisfaction with the executive committee’s lack of support. 
The hard work of international students went unrecognized yet again
When I first came to UB as an international student last August, Elise Helou — the Student Association’s international council coordinator — gave a speech at the international student orientation.  She talked about the magnitude of diversity and representation at UB and spoke at length and with pride about International Fiesta.
Buffalo Bhangra: Where cultural preservation and cardio go hand in hand
Students in the Buffalo Bhangra group use Bhangra as a way of preserving their culture through integration with popular culture. 
Protesters demand support for UB’s African and African American Studies program
Students protested for the African and African American Studies Program Friday afternoon in the Student Union.  Over 50 students and faculty members gathered to join or watch the demonstration, as students demanded UB administration increase funding and resources toward the Educational Opportunity Program and the AAS program. The students also demanded structures named after 13th U.S. president and UB founder Millard Fillmore be renamed to honor activist Frederick Douglass. The students chanted phrases like “more money for EOP, more black faculty” and held signs that read “end white supremacy,” “more funding for EOP” and “from Millard Fillmore to Frederick Douglass.”
DIFCON panel discusses how UB names its landscapes
UB community members discussed the naming of university landscapes, which are sometimes named after people with complicated pasts, during Wednesday’s DIFCON panel. 
The legacy of resistance: Angela Davis speaks at UB
Nearly 50 years after speaking at UB for the first time, political activist Angela Davis visited UB again on Wednesday to relay her message of justice.
Community members hold demonstration against solitary confinement during Angela Davis speech
Members of the UB community set up a 9-foot-by-6-foot replica cell before and during Angela Davis’ speech Wednesday to protest against solitary confinement.