UB's spring performance radar

A guide to upcoming on-campus theater and music performances


Harsh winter weather can make traveling off campus a challenge. It can be hard to make it downtown to see a show with freezing temperatures and snow days.

But students don’t have to leave campus for exceptional entertainment. 

The Center for the Arts and Slee Hall host exciting performances across most genres each semester. The Spectrum compiled a list of upcoming on-campus shows and concerts that even a polar vortex shouldn't keep you from attending.

Slee Beethoven String Quartet Cycle Concert I: Attacca Quartet

Feb. 15 - Slee Hall

The “Slee Beethoven String Quartet Cycle” has been a staple at Slee Hall since 1955. There are six annual concerts that go through the complete cycle of the Beethoven string quartets and distinguished groups pay a visit to UB to participate in the concert series. The 2019 “Slee Beethoven String Quartet Cycle” features the Attacca Quartet, formed in 2003, and made its professional debut in 2007. The group has toured across the country, making appearances at Wolf Trap, the Garmany Chamber Music Series and the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concerts in New York. 

The Buffalo Chips’ 24th Annual Valentines Day Invitational

Feb. 23 - Slee Hall

Acapella groups have been gaining recognition since the release of “Pitch Perfect.” The Buffalo Chips, however, has been going strong long before the movie’s release. 

The Buffalo Chips are UB’s award-winning, all-male acapella group. The group’s performances have been a proud tradition at UB for over 20 years. The tradition continues with the Chips’ 24th Annual Valentines Day Invitational. This concert celebrates the day of love, though not actually taking place on the holiday. Expect to hear love-themed songs, crooned by some talented men. 

“Julius Caesar”

Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 – Center for the Arts

UB’s Theatre and Dance department has been known for performances of Shakespeare’s plays. This spring’s production of Julius Caesar, however, is unique from the department’s past works. 

This performance marks the first time a play presented by the Theatre and Dance Department is being performed at the CFA Mainstage Theatre. The department’s past plays and musicals have been performed at the CFA Drama Theatre. The production tells of the epic life of Julius Caesar in a slightly larger venue through a contemporary lens. The actors portray a college class that reads the play aloud, highlighting its historical relevance. This timely play will run for one weekend, with two evening shows on Mar. 1-2, and a matinee performance on Feb. 28. 

“Dances On”

Mar. 7-10 - CFA

UB’s dance program is often recognized for its outstanding talent. One of the most praised aspects of the program is the Zodiaque Dance Company. The company is known for its use of multiple dance styles and artistic numbers. Zodiaque has been a proud tradition at UB and is celebrating its 45th anniversary in the fall.

Zodiaque returns to the stage with its spring performance, “Dances On.” This performance will explore the connection between international dance styles, American dance forms and interpretive styles of modern dance. 

“The Threepenny Opera”

May 2-5 - CFA

UB’s spring musical takes on a dark tale. “The Threepenny Opera” follows the exploits of the bandit and womanizer, Macheath, or “Mack the Knife.” The work is often described as “the beggar's opera,” providing a criticism of capitalism and middle class morality in a cruel and corrupt society. Several different versions of “The Threepenny Opera” have been translated from its original German text. UB’s production will be the first time the Simon Stephens translation will be performed in the U.S. The show is also a part of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s Kurt Weill Festival, celebrating the life and work of the musical’s composer. 

Julianna is the asst. arts editor and can be reached at julianna.tracey@ubspectrum.com and on Twitter @JTraceySpec


 Julianna Tracey is a freshman music theater and history double major. She’s excited to explore all that the Buffalo arts scene has to offer.