Shake it up: Where to find the best milkshakes in Buffalo


With midterms approaching, it’s important for students to remember to take breaks and prioritize their mental health. And sometimes, that means treating yourself with a frozen treat. 

When you’re feeling stressed, take the edge off with one of Buffalo’s best milkshakes. With an array of choices ranging from “freakshakes” to Loganberry flavor, Buffalo shakes have a little bit of something for everyone.

Poutine and Cream

Location: 1488 Hertel Ave., Buffalo

Price: $8 to $9 Freak Shake 

Although they are primarily known for their legendary poutine selection, Poutine and Cream is Buffalo’s home for the “ Freak Shake.” Their signature milkshakes are created from their homemade ice cream and include various candy and dessert toppings. 

Freak Shake optons include the Cookie Monster Shake, topped with Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies; the Fudge Brownie Shake, topped with whipped cream and a brownie; the Chocolate Mousse Shake, topped with Reese’s peanut butter cup “ears” and the Cake Shake, topped with a Funfetti cupcake. The creamery also offers seasonal flavors, which currently include red velvet and cinnamon bun. 

Poutine and Cream’s menu also includes burgers and creamy buns, which are specialty ice cream sandwiches with donuts substituting the typical cookie exterior. 

Best for: Instagramable shakes

King Condrell’s Candy and Ice Cream

Location: 2805 Delaware Ave., Kenmore

Price: $5.75 Regular or $7.25 King Kong

With 55 milkshake flavors, King Condrell’s has flavors for everyone. 

For the true Buffalonians, King Condrell’s offers a Loganberry milkshake; a great choice for visiting friends and family. 

Any regular-sized milkshake can also be upgraded to a King Kong (32 oz.) for $1.50. 

The candy shop also offers frozen drinks, such as ice cream sodas, frozen coffee beverages, and numerous non-coffee beverages that consist of flavors, including frozen hot chocolate, horchata chai and piña colada. 

Best for: Buffalo’s signature Loganberry flavor


Location: 3261 Orchard Park Rd., Orchard Park

Taffy’s Hot Dog Stand has been serving up great milkshakes since 1949. Their menu offers over 130 milkshake flavors, neatly categorized into fruit, chocolate, coffee, non-dairy and “silly moos,” for the kids. 

If you can’t make it to the store, Taffy’s also has a food truck serving over 100 flavors. The food truck exclusively serves milkshakes and encourages mixing and matching flavors to create crazy combinations.

Although the shake truck only roams seasonally, you can stop in to Taffy’s anytime to enjoy their shakes, hot dogs, or some curly fries, but make sure you bring cash because they don’t take credit or debit cards.

Best for: Trying something new 

Jerk’s Soda Fountain

Location: 523 Main St., Buffalo

Price: $4.25 to $12

Whether you’re looking for an old time milkshake or a modern specialty, Jerk’s Soda Fountain has you covered. With classic options like basic milkshakes and floats to crazy freakshakes, Jerk’s can satisfy any craving. 

The traditional shake comes in 30 flavors and can be paired with Jerk’s soda syrups. Specialty shakes come with candy, cookies, or cake mixed in. 

But the specialty menu is where it’s at. Celebration shakes cost $6 and include titles such as “U Say It’s Your Birthday” and “The Myth,” which boasts a waffle cone unicorn horn.

Over-the-top milkshakes are Jerk’s take on the freakshake and will cost you $12, but come adorned in dessert toppings.  

The menu also offers vegan ice cream, black ice cream with activated charcoal, and ice cream sandwiches made with donuts, brownies and large and small cookies.

Best for: An extravagant ice cream outing

Lake Effect Diner

Location: 3165 Main St., Buffalo

Price: $5.50

Lake Effect Diner just looks like a place that makes a great milkshake. The neon lights pull you in and the thick milkshakes give you a reason to stay.

Although a bit pricey for a classic shake, these milkshakes are so thick you’ll feel like you’re drinking ice cream through a straw. And make sure to go on a Tuesday for the diner’s “2-4-1” shake deal.

Go for a meal and enjoy their classic diner food. You can take your pick of breakfast, lunch or dinner no matter what time you’re there.

Lake Effect also offers the Loganberry shake, but classic is the way to go here. The diner also offers Oreo and chocolate peanut butter shakes for when you want just a little pizzazz.

Best for: A classic shake

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Location: 2634 Delaware Ave, Buffalo

Price: $2.89-$4.49

Anderson’s Frozen Custard’s logo includes “taste the tradition” for a reason. 

Their milkshake flavors include pistachio, cinnamon, Loganberry and root beer and are made with their signature custard, although you can substitute hard ice cream for $0.50.

With an ice cream menu that offers handmade ice cream pies and cakes, arctic swirls with candy mixed in, and giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, Anderson’s is Buffalo’s local upgrade to DQ. 

You can order Anderson’s from home with Uber Eats, which is perfect for a nice study session pick-me-up when you don’t quite have time for a break.

They also offer a full lunch and dinner menu and have six locations across the Buffalo area, as well as a food truck that runs from April through October 2019.

Best for: Ordering in

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