Inside the 2018 Slee Hall program

Music department presents Slee's Lippes Concert Hall showings throughout the year

For Slee Hall concert manager Philip Rehard, the new year is an opportunity to showcase what’s new for UB’s music department.

This concert season brings more to look forward to, according to Rehard. Throughout the fall and spring semester, Lippes Concert Hall will house a variety of showings ranging from the Slee Visiting Artist Series, consisting of five concerts with invitation-only artists, to student recitals.

Sept. 12 marks the season opener for Lippes, bringing a “Folk Songs” program by Luciano Berio presented by the HANATSU Miroir. The sinfonietta is lead by conductor Case Scaglione, with work from soprano Tiffany Du Mouchelle. The work is expansive and grandiose and described by composer Berio as music from “old records, printed anthologies and/or heard sung from folk musicians and friends.”

In the spring, Lippes will also present its popular Beethoven String Quartet cycle. The UB edition of the Beethoven cycle is the only place in the world that houses the entirety of the showing yearly, according to Rehard.

“This is world famous, and it’s right here,” Rehard said. “Our students need to know that if you love string quartets or if you love the music of Beethoven, or if you don’t know if you love the music of Beethoven or string quartets, come to a concert.”

The venue offers free admission for both its faculty and student showings as well as a catalogue of other events throughout the academic year. This Friday, the music department will give students a special ticket promotion, offering a free ticket for every ticket purchased to a concert presented by the music department.

Rehard stressed that students have always been the focus in the eyes of the music department at UB.

“One of the things that just excites me is that one of our primary constituents that we serve here are the students,” Rehard said. “That's why we present these concerts on campus –– that’s been our intention since back in the day.”

Jonathan Golove, chair and associate professor in the music department, echoed the excitement toward the upcoming season as well as highlighting new additions to the department.

“We have some fantastic new faculty, specifically new professors of violin and flute,” Golove said. “Music students will tell you that losing a teacher is always somewhat traumatic, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be able to offer our continuing students and faculty members this level of quality.”

With over 150 shows each year, the music department has plenty to offer to students across campus. The department has established itself as a collection of experienced and distinguished professors and artists that garner recognition across the academic spectrum, with many performing at Slee Hall this year.

The Slee Visiting Artist Series sees New York Philharmonic cellist Sumire Kudo featuring Eric Huebner on cello on Nov. 9. Grammy-nominated clarinetist David Krakauer will visit Slee Hall on Nov. 30, presenting his “Voyages” program. This year brings the Belcea String Quartet on Oct. 16 and 17.

The music department also includes a mix of faculty and student recitals during the year, with performances on piano, organ, guitar and oboe. UB’s Faculty Jazz Quartet offers a program entitled “Jazz Impressions - 1968” on Oct. 18.

“I think one of the greatest challenges we have is that people are unfamiliar with it and they won’t give [classical music] a shot,” Rehard said.

“See if there is something that you can listen for. I think that that’s just really a part of our mission: to make it available to students and inform them of the opportunity and encourage them to come.”

More information about upcoming shows, updates and programs is available at the Slee Hall website at

Brian Evans is the senior arts editor and can be reached at brian.evans@ubspectrum.comand @BrianEvansSpec.


Brian Evans is a senior English major and The Spectrum's senior arts editor.