Comprehensive Fee Waiver due Wednesday

Students can request to have some aspects of comprehensive fee waived by Feb. 28

Students have until Wednesday to request a Comprehensive Fee Waiver, which would allow them to opt out of paying some aspects of the comprehensive fee for the Spring 2018 semester.

If eligible, students can be exempt from paying Health Services; Transportation; Campus Life; and Athletics and Recreation Fees. The university proposed a 2.53 percent increase of the Comprehensive Fee for the 2018-2019 academic year.

To qualify, a student’s study must take place “outside of the University at Buffalo grounds,” according to the UB student account website. The Health Services, Transportation and Campus Life fees combine for a $539.50 expenditure during the Spring 2018 semester. The Athletics and Recreation Fee combine for $281.50.

The waiver does not exempt students from the College, Technology and Transcript fees, which totaled $465.75 during the 2018 spring semester.

Student Accounts granted 2,876 waivers during the 2016-17 academic year. Graduate students were granted 62.6 percent of the waivers and undergraduates were granted the other 37.4 percent.

The waiver application is available on the Student Accounts website.

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