Buffalo’s best cultural cuisine

A colorful community with a culinary scene to match


UB is home to an extremely diverse student body, with over 170 countries represented. Luckily for UB students, Buffalo boasts a diverse culinary scene to satisfy cravings from across the globe. Check out some of these favorites below.


Cozy Thai, 39 Evans Street, Hamburg, NY

It isn’t necessary to go 30 minutes south of UB to find good Thai food; but for a true fanatic, Cozy Thai is the perfect rainy-day destination. Between a bowl of their rich panang curry and the warm, intimate interior, Cozy Thai is aptly named.

Go outside of your pad thai comfort zone, and try their pad kee mow dish or pad see ew, flavorful noodle dishes stir fried with basil and other delectable flavors. Noodle dishes range from $10 to $16, depending on choice of protein.

For an even heartier meal, try their $17 crispy chicken entree: think Thai chicken fingers, yet somehow even better. To end the meal, enjoy a warm cup of slightly sweet ginger tea. What could be cozier.


Chefs Restaurant, 291 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY

When it comes to Italian, it’s hard to beat a classic. Chef’s opened in 1923 and the restaurant still evokes the classic nostalgia through rat-pack era jazz, red and white checked tablecloths, candlelight, walls bedecked with Buffalo Bill’s players, politicians and family photos and of course, their famous spaghetti parmesan. Chef’s makes for an affordable date destination, with most dinner items ranging between $11 and $15.


Taste of India, 3192 Sheridan Drive, Amherst, NY

At Taste of India, you don’t need a ticket to ride this curry train. Customizable spice levels allow even the pickiest, only-orders-chicken-fingers diners to enjoy the myriad of flavor Indian cuisine offers. Taste of India offers sit down dining, as well as a buffet option. Try their garlic naan alongside the shrimp biryani dish, a rice dish infused with a variety of Indian spices. The biryani is garnished with raisins and cashews for a touch of sweetness. Taste of India’s lunch buffets are $10.95; dinner buffets are $14.95 per person.


La Divina, 2896 Delaware Ave., Kenmore NY

This Mexican grocery store/taqueria offers what many consider the most authentic Mexican food in the WNY area. The Spectrum blindly ranked tacos around Buffalo last spring, (insert hyperlink of taco video) and La Divina was the unanimous favorite. Most tacos are $2.50 each. Select your choice of protein: carnitas, carne asada, beef, chicken or al pastor. If in doubt; the tender carnitas never disappoint.

Buffet-style assortments of toppings allow customers to customize their own tacos with limes, pico de gallo, salsa, cilantro, onions and jalapenos. For the adventurous (or homesick) taco-connosseiur, the store also offers a variety of Mexican cooking ingredients and spices.


Sun Cuisines Burmese Thai & Black Rice Bar, 1989 Niagara Street, Buffalo and 5769 Main Street, Buffalo

The only way to truly enjoy Sun is to come back, over and over again. Its extensive menu features a variety of Burmese and Thai dishes, on top of a full black-rice sushi bar. For a first round, try the eggplant entree, which starts at $11.55 for the vegetarian option. This dish features mouth-watering pieces of breaded, lightly fried eggplant alongside onions, peppers and other veggies, simmered in a red homemade sauce.

Many of Sun’s dishes feature its signature black rice, believed for generations in China to contain medical properties.


Hali Boyz, 388 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY

This LA-transported family establishment combines authentic Mexican tastes with American favorites like subs and nachos. Hali Boyz also offers Halal-certified meats and easily accommodates vegetarian diets. Their interior is fun and reflects the family’s West-Coast roots. The walls are covered in street-art style paintings.

For a taste that truly speaks to the restaurant’s vision, try one of their sopes, a small, deliciously fried open-face “Mexican pizza.” Sopes cost between $2.75 and $3.25, depending on the meat.

Sarah Crowley is the senior news editor and can be reached at sarah.crowley@ubspectrum.com