UB Transportation reinstates some late-night weekend busing

Transportation department to offer Yellow Line shuttle starting Friday


Starting Friday evening, UB will operate a Yellow Line shuttle between Flint Loop and Main Circle every half hour between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

UB Transportation announced in August that it was eliminating late night weekend busing primarily as a way to deter partying in University Heights. The decision was met with outrage and concern from students, parents and community members.

UB Transportation Director Chris Austin said the decision to reinstate some weekend busing was due in part to this response. Austin stressed that the shuttle is meant for students using the library and working late.

“It’s really designed based on some student feedback and designed to meet a need for students using the libraries, working late in study groups and that type of thing,” he said.

The newly reinstated weekend night Yellow Line will operate as a smaller shuttle bus. Previously, the large Stampede buses were used for the Yellow Line.

UB shuttle buses seat 25 to 28 people, whereas Stampedes seat 35 and has standing room for several more students, according to Austin. He feels a shuttle is more appropriate for this service based on the number of students who use the Yellow Line on other nights of the week during those hours.

“We do see that there is a need to provide the service for – and I want to stress—more of a library and study type service to ensure that students still have the ability to use that transit overnight on those nights just like every other night of the week,” Austin said.

UB Council Student Representative Mike Brown is pleased with the reinstatement of late night busing on weekends. The change comes after Brown presented his concern about the busing change to the UB Council at its first meeting on Monday. He explained how he felt the most pressing concern for students is that after 1:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, there would be no official UB transportation between campuses.

“It’s great to hear that they seem to approve and I’m glad that all the hard work since August finally made UB listen to student voices and live up to their commitment to safety by ensuring true 24/7 transportation,” Brown said.

Brown added his next step is listening to students about this new change and seeing if they have any further concerns that would like to be addressed.

SA President Leslie Veloz feels the reinstatement of some transportation for students on weekend nights is a “step in the right direction.”

“There is still a lot more that needs to change but seeing UB hear student’s concerns and find a solution for it is a welcome change,” Veloz said, “I hope UB Admin will continue to meet with students to see what they can do to meet their needs.”

Brown would have preferred a Stampede bus, but believes having a shuttle is a good place to start.

“It ensures both that residents aren’t disturbed by crowds of students in the streets and that students always have a safe way home,” Brown said. 

Maddy Fowler is an assistant features editor and can be reached at maddy.fowler@ubspectrum.com