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Decorations to make your room an artsy hot spot


Most dorm rooms consist of the same elements: pictures of friends, poster sale purchases and the occasional empty wall. After living with the same old setup for a while, it feels almost necessary to switch things up.

These suggestions are to help incoming and returning students create an artsy and unique dorm room. It’s time to make your room the place to be this semester.


Heading into the new school year, many students want to have the ultimate musical atmosphere in their room. They go out and spend loads of money on decent speakers when a better alternative exists. That alternative is sitting in your parents’ garage.

Record players give any dorm room a classic feel and fill a room with the smooth sound of crackling LPs. Having a turntable as a centerpiece for your dorm room will not only give it a superior musical touch, but it’ll also be inviting for your friends. Peers will flock to the device to flip through records, play with the needle and just check out your setup.

A physical record collection will also serve as a dorm decoration. This unique format will offer your friends something to look at and admire, like individual pieces of art.

Retro video games

It’s easy to walk into a friend’s room and play them in the newest installment of 2K or even compete with friends online. But in order for that to happen, they’d have to go out every year and purchase the updated game for an upwards of $60. As college students, money can be tight, so it’s best to take another route.

Retro video games and consoles may not be cheap initially, but they usually run cheaper than modern gaming systems. Buying them is a one-time deal. There’s no need for any updated versions of the games when they’ve already been obsolete for several decades.

This retro touch to your dorm room would give you and your peers a hobby to fall back on when things get boring. “Super Smash Brothers,” “Mario Kart” and a variety of other party games will lighten any mood and create stronger bonds. There is, however, the slight chance that “Mario Kart” fires you up, so make sure you play with caution.

When classes get hard and the workload gets heavy, an old console and games will take players back to their childhood, when school was easy and the games were simple.

A musical instrument

Not everyone knows how to play an instrument, but for those that do, bringing it to college is a must. A musical skill is something that doesn’t need to be lost just because you’re going away to school.

Who doesn’t like that guy at the party who can whip out a guitar and play a few tunes? Keeping your instrument handy won’t only make you that lovable guy but it’ll provide you with a productive way to spend time.

With an instrument by your side, there’s a chance you’ll meet students with similar interests. Jamming out with friends is always a quality way to spend free time and network among the community.

Plush toys

A desk filled with stuffed animals may sound corny, but its serves many purposes.

If you’re a bit unorganized, stuffed animals do the trick. Instead of having a pile of papers sit on your desk, use a toy as a paperweight. With a cute animal sitting on your paper pile, it covers up the fact that you’re completely unwilling to clean up.

Plush toys second as stress-relievers. When the workload starts adding up, it helps to look at something that reminds you of a less stressful time – similar to retro games. Your childhood may have been a long time ago but bringing it to college with you is sure to make even the hardest days easier.


Not many students own celebrity autographs, but if there’s an opportunity to pick one up, it can contribute to the perfect dorm room.

A signed CD or framed photo of your favorite actor is the perfect centerpiece for any dorm. Friends will stop to look at it and ask questions, and it’ll create fresh conversations about your interests. It’s the ultimate bonding tool.

A photo of your favorite star will also help motivate you when it’s time to do better in school. With your idol looking down on you as you type your 10-page final, it’s pretty hard to slack off. If you aspire to be where that athlete or self-starter is, the last thing you’d want to do is procrastinate.

Finding a signature online can be very sketchy, however. When scrolling through EBay, it’s essential that the photo comes with a certificate of authenticity from a trusted source and not just a piece of paper the seller threw together.

For the best results and complete confidence, many musicians plan CD signings and even offer signed booklets with album pre-orders.

Your dorm room is what you make of it. Let it represent you. Whatever your interests are, it’s important to showcase them in your room and let them be known. Even if these items seem a bit far-fetched, it makes coming home after class easier when you incorporate bits of yourself in your décor.

Brenton J. Blanchet is the asst. arts editor and can be reached at brenton.blanchet@ubspectrum.com


Brenton J. Blanchet is the 2019-20 editor-in-chief of The Spectrum. His work has appeared in Billboard, Clash Magazine, DJBooth, PopCrush, The Face and more. Ask him about Mariah Carey.