Spectrum's playlist of the week

Songs recommended by UB students


It may not feel like spring, but with the second semester ahead it’s time for new experiences, new classes and, of course, new music.

Leave last semester’s tunes behind and take a look at what fellow UB students are listening to right now.

John Mayer – “Love on the Weekend”

This track would be a perfect fit to any mellow playlist. Its simple melody and relaxing chord progressions make for a quality song. Mayer’s charming acoustic love song is a big hit among his fans and music lovers alike. Caitlyn Divita, sophomore communication major, recommended this tune.

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello – “Bad Things”

When a rising pop star and a popular rapper team up, magic happens. “Bad Things” is a dark yet catchy love song making waves in the rap/hip hop community. Cabello’s intense and luring chorus should be enough of a reason to give the song a try. Luke Gordon, a freshman engineering major, recommended this track.

Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You”

The popular singer/songwriter’s new track is infectious. Its consistent beat and simple melody leaves fans with everything they could have wanted from their favorite singer. This song makes it evident that Sheeran is as good of a storyteller as he is a musician. Clarissa Swain, a sophomore psychology major, recommended this song.

Green Butter – “Velvet Sofa”

The first week of classes can be exhausting. At times, the last thing anyone wants to listen to is a hype song or anything slightly stress provoking. That’s where this song comes into play – its lack of lyrics and repeated guitar melody create a relaxing listening experience. Dayna Boone, freshman biological science major, recommended this track.

King Krule – “Baby Blue”

This is quite the mellow tune to dive into, but it’s far from sleepy. Deep vocals, drowned-out percussion and smooth guitar all create one unique track. Desiree Davenport, a freshman speech pathology major, recommended this track.

Twenty One Pilots – “House of Gold”

Twenty One Pilots released this 2013 track before all of their radio play. It depicts a mother asking her child to take care of her when the child’s father passes away – lyrics that are abnormal for popular music airwaves. The song has a distinct folk sound, as its ukulele picking and eventual hard-hitting bass drum can be compared to that of Mumford and Sons. Aya Balan, a sophomore biomedical sciences major, recommended this song.

Disturbed – “The Sound of Silence”

It’s always difficult for a cover to compare to the original, but this one comes pretty close. The song is originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel, but Disturbed takes this track to another level and brings the listener on a journey. The beginning of the track consists of quieter vocals and darker instrumentation, but as the song progresses, that quickly changes. Tori Brooks, a freshman psychology major, recommended this tune.

21 Savage ft. Future – “X”

21 Savage is one of those rappers whose specialty is his smooth sound. The rapper can say anything over this hypnotic beat and make it sound catchy and appealing. A Future feature doesn’t hurt the track with his quick rhymes and unique style. Take both of these powerhouse rappers and throw them over a Metro Boomin production and you’ve got a hit on your hands. This song was recommended by Steven Wind, a freshman accounting major.

Pink Floyd – “Welcome to the Machine”
Pink Floyd’s industrial sound can be seen as a metaphor for the beginning of the spring semester. Julien Massaux, a freshman political science major, recommended this track for its rock-solid synth tracks and dark energy throughout the tune.

The synths are arguably the most enticing part of “Welcome to the Machine.” The track’s guitar brings a sense of familiarity and does a great job at tying it all together.

Tiesto ft. Kyler England – “Take Me”

Every playlist needs a solid dance track and Tiesto’s 2013 hit qualifies to be just that. The lyrical repetition, hard drums and instrumental drop all make up for a great track. The melody leading up to the chorus is a reminder of ’80s dance pop. This song comes from Matt Sloan, a junior communication major.

Chance the Rapper – “Blessings”

Coloring Book was undoubtedly one of the best records of last year. This creative, jazzy tune is one of the most popular cuts off the album. No Chance song is complete without fun lyricism and a catchy trumpet melody.

The second version of the song comes at the end of Chance’s mixtape. It starts with more unique lyricism and ends with even more soul than before. Yadelli Ule, a sophomore international business major, recommended this tune.

Quinn XCII – “Another Day in Paradise”

In this 2015 track, Quinn XCII supplies the listener with some soulful pop music. A woman’s chopped voice before the chorus adds a unique quality to the catchy tune. This song will easily have listeners clapping along within moments of pressing the play button. Kerry Giovanniello, a sophomore political science major, recommended this song.

The Chainsmokers – “Paris”

The past two hits by the Chainsmokers have been massive pop songs with big drops – yet “Paris” is the exact opposite. The song features a far more condensed vibe. This works for the song, as its lyrics capture the listeners’ focus rather than flashy instrumentals. Julia Box, a sophomore health and human services major, recommended this song.

Ugly God – “Water”

If repetition is what makes a catchy rap song in today’s musical climate, then Ugly God has followed the formula. The simplicity of this tune calls back to tracks Lil B has put out in the past. The simplistic beat and lyrics of “Water” make for an easy listen to modern rap fans. This track was recommended by Jake Raher, a freshman accounting major.

Brenton J. Blanchet is a staff writer and can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com