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Solidarity Party

UB’s Gender Institute held a Solidarity Party on Sunday in Asbury Hall to honor and celebrate international scholars, students, immigrants and refugees. One hundred community members and organizations partnered in the event.

To Write Love on Her Arms founder addresses UB BASIC

Jamie Tworkowski, founder of the non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms, addressed UB’s BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) club as part of a suicide prevention and awareness event on Friday. The event aimed to “present hope” to individuals struggling with addiction, self-injury, depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as provides information about treatment and recovery.


State investigates local man who died during arrest

Wardel “Meech” Davis died on Feb. 8 during a struggle with Buffalo police.

Authorities are awaiting toxicology results and a state-led investigation is underway to determine the cause of 20-year-old Davis’ death, which remains unknown. The unarmed African-American man’s death has sparked outrage among his loved ones and local protesters, who are demanding answers from law enforcement.

Protestors disrupt town hall meeting

Progressive protesters interrupted Representative Tom Reed’s town hall meetings in Ashville and Cherry Creek on Saturday morning. These were two of the four town hall meetings held on Saturday.

Demonstrators protested Reed’s comments as he defended Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Acts, according to The Buffalo News.


President Donald Trump holds third press conference

President Trump held his third press conference on Thursday in which he criticized the media and called claims that he was in contact with Russia during the election campaign “fake news.”

Trump also falsely claimed he had the biggest Electoral College victory since President Ronald Reagan.

Other topics he addressed include his nominee for labor secretary, the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser, U.S.-Russia relations and his plans for an executive order on immigration.

Federal immigration raids focusing on non-criminals

A new executive order is expanding the scope of who is being targeted in the immigration community for arrest, detention or deportation, Acting Director of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas D. Homan said on Thursday.

While the Obama administration targeted immigrants with criminal records, the Trump administration is expanding the scope of ICE raids to include immigrants without criminal records, according to USA Today. This is already seen in the 678 people detained in 12 states during raids last week, – only 74 percent had been convicted of a crime – which is down from 90 percent of detained people with criminal records in 2016 under Obama.


Vice President Mike Pence vows U.S. will ‘hold Russia accountable’ in Munich Security Council Speech

Vice President Mike Pence told world leaders Saturday that the U.S. will stand up to Moscow while seeking avenues for cooperation. In contrast, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that U.S.’ dominance of world affairs is ending. The conflicting messages came during a security summit in Germany where world leaders expressed concern about how the Trump administration will address Russia’s challenges to international law.

Iraqi troops make headway against Islamic State

Iraqi government forces seized several villages in pursuit of the last area held by the Islamic State (IS) in Mosul on Sunday morning. The attack was formally announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi early on Sunday. Army Staff Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah said Athbah and Al-Lazzagah, two villages south of Mosul airport, were successfully captured.

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