Best Super Bowl 51 prop bets


How long will the National Anthem be? Under/over two minutes and nine seconds.

It may seem like a long song, but most Super Bowl performances of the Star Spangled Banner only go a little over two minutes. The time OddsMaker has for this years’ performance is two minutes and nine seconds.  

Pick: Under

Will the National Anthem have any mistakes?

No one knows if Luke Bryan will make a mistake during his National Anthem, but a lot of people are hoping he will. Many performers of the National Anthem have mumbled their words or completely omitted lines from the anthem. If someone botching the National Anthem is something you hope for, now you have a chance to bet on it. 

Pick: No mistake

Coin toss: Heads or tails?

Perhaps the most important coin toss in sports. All you have to do is pick a side. 

Pick: Heads

How many times will Rob Gronkowski be mentioned? Over/under three times

Even when injured, Gronk is always a topic of discussion for the New England Patriots. The Pats All-Pro tight end’s absence will likely be a topic of discussion at some point in the game.  

Pick: Over

What will Lady Gaga’s first song be?

The safe bet here is one of her more recognizable songs. With that in mind, I am going to have to go with “Bad Romance” since it’s arguably her biggest hit. 

Pick: “Bad Romance”

Who will be the MVP of the game?

Who you bet for here likely depends on who you expect to win the game. And if you’re picking the Pats, how can you go wrong with Tom Brady? 

Pick: Brady

Will the 1991-1994 Buffalo Bills be mentioned?

If the Bills get a mention, it will most likely be for one of their Super Bowl appearances. The most famous Super Bowl losers of all time aren’t expected to be brought up, but if the game comes down to a field goal, don’t be stunned if the 1991 Bills get a mention. Fox loves to bring up historic games between plays. 

Pick: Yes 

Which company gets the first commercial?

Perhaps the hardest bet on the list, this one is a complete guess. My advice is to go with a usual advertiser. Coke, Budweiser and Doritos are all solid picks. The opening spot is something many companies are eyeing. So go with the most popular product you enjoy. 

Pick: Doritos 

Will deflategate be brought up?

The hottest topic of the offseason is still being discussed all the way to the Super Bowl. Was it fair? Not the question to care about now, the real question is will it be brought up. The whole thing was a public relations nightmare for the NFL, so it would seem unrealistic for it to be a talking point. But if the start of the Patriots season is brought up, Brady’s four-game ban may be enough to get them talking. 

Pick: Deflategate will be brought up 

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 Thomas Zafonte is a senior English major. He is a UB sports fan and enjoys traveling around Buffalo.