UB Alumni Arena closed after electrical transformer causes small fire

Building closed pending decision from Environmental Health & Safety


Alumni Arena is currently closed after an electrical transformer on the north end of the building burned out.

Smoke from the transformer vented out of the celling and set off a fire alarm on Wednesday afternoon.

The fire only occurred in the transformer box and did not spread to the building, according to Joshua Sticht, Deputy Chief of Police. More than half of Alumni Arena currently has no power.

Sticht said no one was hurt during the small fire.

The Step Up STEM fair was taking place when the fire alarm went off in the building so many students stood outside waiting for instructions to come back inside. Students participating in the fair were allowed back into the building until the event concluded and the building was closed at 5 p.m.

Environmental Health & Safety must determine when to let students back into the building, according to Sticht.

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