UB TAG Week looks to raise awareness of philanthropy among students

TAG Week gives students opportunity to thank UB donors


A large portion of the money which builds UB’s lecture halls and pays for the university’s equipment comes out of the pockets of private philanthropists.

UB has a total number of 19,900 donors, according to Barbara Byers, UB director of constituent communications. TAG week’s objective is to bring awareness to students about these philanthropists who fund many of UB’s projects.

TAG week, which stands for “think about giving,” was created to raise donor awareness among students and give them the chance to thank donors. Students get to personally meet philanthropists throughout TAG week, as events will be held from Feb. 22-26.

Approximately 25 faculty and student workers will help put together the events, according to Byers. The events cost roughly $15,000, which is funded by UB Foundation.

Tags will be posted on buildings, classrooms and on equipment throughout the week. Each tag will have the name of the philanthropist and the amount they donated.

“We will show by putting a tag on an item, or a room, or a space, or on a building, that indicates this was made possible through private philanthropy,” Byers said. “Any building like Davis Hall, or Kapoor, or Greiner Hall, those things don’t happen without the generosity of UB donors.”

Donations made by philanthropists don’t only go toward UB’s buildings, but also go toward student scholarships and activities.

Byers said things like study abroad and student emergency funds are often supported by donations made by philanthropists.

There will be activities taking place each day in conjunction with a social media contest throughout the week.

A scholarship breakfast that will be held in the Honors College Colloquium Room gives some students the chance to meet the donor who funded their scholarship.

The “social media contest” will also kick off on Monday, which is based on participation. Students can snap a selfie or take a quick video thanking a donor with the “#UBTAGWEEK” and could be subject to win prizes and gifts.

On Tuesday night, “Donor Appreciation Night” will be held in Alumni Arena. This is one of the opportunities for students and alumni get to meet the donors one-on-one.

Faculty will be wearing pins in order to show that they have donated during TAG Week.

“That says to students, ‘Hey if you see these faculty and staff be sure to thank them for donating to UB,’” Byers said.

Kelly McLean, a graduate family nursing major, said she is aware of what the donors have done for UB and is looking forward to TAG week.

“Philanthropy is an important part in education, either graduate or undergraduate,” McLean said.

James MacDavid is a news staff writer and can be reached at news@ubspectrum.com.