News briefs: Buffalo State student's death investigated as possible hazing incident

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Deadly fire claims two lives in Buffalo

A fire ripped through a home in Buffalo early Friday morning killing 24-year-old Demetrius Johnson and 49-year-old Juan Alberto Montanez Navarro.

Johnson, his fiancé and their three children had recently moved into the downstairs portion of the home while Montanez Navarro had lived there for some time. Johnson died after he went back into the home to save his two sons. His 8-year-old daughter is currently being treated at Shriner’s Hospital in Cincinnati for burns that cover more than 90 percent of her body. Johnson’s sons were treated at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

The Buffalo Fire Department is still investigating what caused the fire to start.

Hazing being investigated in SUNY Buffalo State student’s death

Local authorities are investigating what caused the death of SUNY Buffalo State student Bradley Doyley.

Doyley died Thursday evening after suffering internal injuries from an alleged hazing incident, according to The Buffalo News. Students told the paper that the 21-year-old Doyley may have been forced to drink a “concoction” during an off-campus fraternity event that may have led to internal injuries. University officials have suspended the Delta Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, the fraternity Doyley was reportedly pledging.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.


Six dead after spree shooting in Michigan

Uber driver Jason Dalton was arrested Saturday after going on a mass shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which resulted in the death of six people.

The attack started around 6 p.m. Saturday evening when he shot a woman four times at an apartment complex. Dalton then proceeded to a Kia dealership four hours later and shot and killed two men before driving to a Cracker Barrel and opening fire on two cars, according to CNN. Kalamazoo Police are unaware of a motive behind the shootings as they said Dalton did not know any of his victim’s personally. Police are also investigating if Dalton was working the night of the shooting.

Apple CEO refuses to help FBI investigation

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in an open letter that Apple would create new software to help the FBI gain access to Syed Farook’s encrypted iPhone. Farook and his wife were behind the San Bernadino shootings that happened in December.

Cook said in the letter that Apple is concerned such technology could be used to breach iPhone users’ data and start a dangerous precedent.


Baby dolphin killed by selfies

A video surfaced earlier this week of beach-goers in Argentina passing around a baby dolphin that eventually died on dry land.

The video caused outrage as the group took the dolphin out of the water to take selfies with it. After being passed around, the dolphin died and the group disposed of the body on the sand, according to CNN. An Argentina wildlife organization is asking people to return dolphins to sea if one should come to the shore.

Cyclone hits Fiji

Fiji was hit with a tropical cyclone in what is being hailed as the most powerful storm on record in the Southern Hemisphere, according to CNN.

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama declared a state of emergency that will be in effect for 30 days. The storm resulted in winds that reached close to 200 miles per hour and major flooding. Fiji’s government has reported only one death caused by the cyclone.

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