Future reigns in wicked start to the year

Hit rapper releases promotion tape for upcoming album

Album: Purple Reign

Artist: Future

Label: Epic Records

Release Date: Jan. 17

Grade: A

The baritonic and catchy vocals of Atlanta rap artist, Future, has had the music charts blazing with fresh, upbeat music for the past four years and continues to date with his newly released mixtape, Purple Reign.

After releasing two popularized mixtapes in 2015, the closing of the year seemed to be well in Future’s favor.

He brings a mass appeal to the beginning of 2016 with his rhythmic and groovy lyricism in Purple Reign, which was released to music-lovers everywhere on Jan. 17. He continues to set the bar high for other artists releasing new music to kick-off this year.

On mixtape websites such as DatPiff and LiveMixtapes, the rapper has a 90 percent ranking with over 1.3 million views after the release of the 13-track assortment.

The rapper’s verses in songs like “Drippin (How U Luv That),” are not only hook-captivating, but hypnotizing – making listeners visualize the sensation of a nightclub. The choruses to other songs such as “Bye Bye” and “Wicked,” places listeners in a psychedelic-trance, due to the popular hooks and hammering percussions in each melody.

With continual chart-topping achievements, the rap artist has also had much success on urban radio with the help of other mainstream artists such as Kanye West and Drake.

Purple Reign’s track list includes “Super Future” delivering another masterpiece, without the need for featuring artists. The frenzy and increasing popularity Future has acquired can also be a result of his exclusion of featuring other artists – solely sticking to his grassroots of providing hard, gritty lyricism, with memorable ad-libs.

Another explanation for the well-praised mixtape, Purple Reign, would be Future’s choice of production, collaborating with Metro Boomin and DJ Esco as executive producers of the album. The edgy, base-booming, blends of sounds produced by Metro Boomin has aided in making Purple Reign a classic take-off mixtape for Future. The inclusion of DJ Esco, his personal DJ, puts the artist’s signature on the mixtape as a certified compilation.

The growing success of the Purple Reign will aid in Future’s buzz for the new year, and also assist in the launce of the Purple Reign tour scheduled in mid-February. The artist’s website, Freebandz announced the tour would start a month after the release of mixtape, Feb. 17, jumpstarting in Madison, Wisconsin.

The touring process will add to Future’s already larger-than-life exposure, as well as create cherished memories for fans that want to experience his energy and sound live. The Purple Reign tour has the ability to create connections between the artist, his fans and new listeners across the country. The tour also features another popular hip-hop artist, Ty Dolla $ign of Taylor Gang Records. The duo touring together creates a vibrant-hippie aura that provides audiences with great music, but also a peaceful unity, all for the love of music.

The irony in the mixtape being called Purple Reign, plays on Future’s use of mixing codeine, a crystallized cough syrup, with his drinks, creating the refreshment entitled, Dirty Sprite and his founding-dynasty of making great music that’s loved worldwide.

Fanatics of hype, kaleidoscopic music would rate the album in high-standings because of the energy Future brings to his music, adding to his triumph of global dominance in the music industry.

Future’s reign in music continues after the release of Purple Reign, showing that he can continues to seize each opportunity in make endlessly “A1” music for hip-hop lovers worldwide.

Darlene Brumfield is an arts staff writer and can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com.