Spectrum looking to talk about sex with UB students for annual ‘Sex Issue’

Sex survey now available, students wanted for interviews


The Spectrum wants to talk about sex – with you.

Our staff is already hard at work on our annual Sex Issue, which will be on stands and online on Feb. 8. Last year’s Spectrum Sex Issue won a national award, and we have every intention of bringing you the same level of well-reported, factual, informative – and, of course, fun – articles, videos and graphics about sex this year.

But we can’t do that without you – the UB student body. Whether you have crazy stories about fetishes, threesomes and sex on campus or you’re practicing abstinence, our reporters want to interview you for their stories.

Included below is a list of some of the potential stories our reporters are working on. If there’s a topic that you’ve experienced, know someone who’s experienced or even just interests you, send the reporter an email. We don’t bite.

We know not everyone wants his or her name attached to a story about pornography, sex toys or sexually-transmitted infections that can be found easily through a Google search by a future employer or your parents.

We get it.

We’d love for everyone to feel comfortable sharing their names, but if you’re uncomfortable with your name being published, our reporters can arrange for you to have anonymity. We may give you a fake name. We might even let you suggest a name.

If you’d rather not talk about sex with us, we ask you to still fill out our sex survey below. We want to provide the most accurate statistics we can about the sex that is happening – and not happening – on campus. You can fill it out below or by going to the direct link right here.

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Here’s who’s doing what stories so you know whom to contact. If you have a general experience you’d like to share or you have a story idea you feel we should cover, email news@ubspectrum.com.

Reporters to contact

If you watch pornography, or even if you don’t, and you have an opinion about it, email Editor in Chief Tom Dinki at tom.dinki@ubspectrum.com.

Ever have a one-night stand? Whether it was awkward or you found your soulmate, email Senior Sports Editor Jordan Grossman at jordan.grossman@ubspectrum.com.

Did you know people put ads on Craigslist to meet up and have sex? Did you know they’re doing it at UB? Seriously. Look it up. If you or someone you know has ever used Craigslist or a site like it to meet up and have sex on or off campus, email Managing Editor Gabriela Julia at gabriela.julia@ubspectrum.com.

The dating app Grindr can be a pretty easy way for gay and bisexual men to meet and hook up. If you’ve ever used it and you want to talk about it, email Senior News Editor Marlee Tuskes at marlee.tuskes@ubspectrum.com.

Do you tend to let yourself go when you’re in a relationship or do you hit the gym even harder looking to impress your significant other? Let us know by emailing Senior Features Editor Tori Roseman at tori.roseman@ubspectrum.com.

We’ve all seen it in movies like “The Graduate” and “American Pie” or had fantasies about it: Having sex with someone who’s older than you. Maybe a lot older. Ever had sex with a professor or someone old enough to be your parent? We want to know. Email our managing editor Gabriela Julia at gabriela.julia@ubspectrum.com.