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Patrick Kane most likely will not face criminal charges

According to sources close to the investigation, Patrick Kane – the 26-year-old right winger for the Chicago Blackhawks – will most likely not face criminal charges in his alleged rape case. In August, Kane was accused of raping a woman after the two left SkyBar and went back to Kane’s Hamburg home.

According to The Buffalo News, sources say there are doubts regarding the woman’s allegations, which will make prosecuting Kane unlikely. DNA evidence did not confirm the alleged victim’s rape allegation. Frank Sedita, Erie County District Attorney, has yet to say whether he plans to present the case to a grand jury or if he intends to file criminal charges against Kane.

Fire on Buffalo’s East Side causes $150,000 worth in damages

Buffalo firefighters responded to a fire on Buffalo’s East Side Sunday morning, according to The Buffalo News. The fire started in the garage but quickly spread to the attic. While the house was occupied, no injuries were reported. Damages were estimated to be $100,000 for property damage and $50,000 to the contents inside the home. The cause for the fire is currently being investigated.


GOP has third debate

The third Republican debate, hosted by CNBC, was held on Wednesday evening. The 10 leading candidates debated on stage in Colorado, discussing topics such as immigration and ISIS. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have been announced as the winners of the debate, after the crowd celebrated Cruz for accusing the media – including the CNBC moderators – of being biased against the conservative party and Rubio defending his Senate voting record, according to CNN. Jeb Bush was deemed “loser” of the debate after he was quiet throughout much of the evening.

Paul Ryan elected Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan, former Republican vice presidential candidate, was officially elected as the 54thHouse Speaker on Thursday after 236 members of the House of Representatives voted for him. The election was held after former House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation in September. According to CNN, the vote was a formality after House Republicans already nominated Ryan for the position.


Russian plane crash kills all on flight

All 224 passengers on board of a Russian flight were killed after the plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, according to CNN. While the cause of the crash is currently unknown, according to Egyptian Airports Co. chief, it is most likely due to a technical error. There is no evidence of terrorist action even though ISIS has claimed responsibility for the crash. Air traffic control did not receive any distress calls from the plane and it’s reported there was no abnormal activity prior to the crash; however, the plane disappeared from the radar. The black boxes, which contained the flight and voice data recordings, have been recovered from the crash.

China lifts one-child policy

The Chinese government announced Thursday it is lifting the policy that barred families from having more than one child. The ban was first implemented in 1978 in order to control the population in China. According to NPR, the Chinese Communist Party stated the policy was ultimately a success in bringing the birth rate down. The ruling will need to be reviewed by China’s Parliament before it becomes a national policy.

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