UB Flint Village and South Lake Village suffer power outages


A power outage occurred in Flint Village and South Lake Village on North Campus Sunday around 11 a.m. The power was restored around 2 p.m.

Some services were still available from generators and electricians on site worked on resolving the issue, according to an email Campus Living sent to Flint Village and South Lake Village residents.

Students living in both on-campus apartment complexes were inconvenienced by the power outage.

Abby Milliron, a senior biomedical sciences and psychology major, said she could not cook breakfast or charge her laptop to do her homework due to the outage.

“I was getting a little worried about the fridge, just that any perishable food in there like milk or yogurt would go bad because we did not even know when the power would come back or what was even causing it,” Milliron said.

Campus Living, Flint Village and South Lake Village were not immediately available for comment.

Ashley Inkumsah is a news desk editor and can be reached at ashley.inkumsah@ubspectrum.com.