Top places to eat near UB’s campuses

Students’ go-to eateries away from home


Living in the dorms is part of freshman life and can be an adventure every day - it’s something you adjust to but is always full of surprises. UB’s food, on the other hand, may get old.

The same dishes are often offered in the dorms’ dining halls and when you eat every meal on campus at the same places, your taste buds start to get accustomed to Wrap it Up and Sizzle’s.

Soon enough, you will want to go out and explore what food Buffalo has to offer.

Buffalo is known for having some pretty great food. In February, National Geographic named Buffalo as the third-best food city in the world, largely because of its world-renowned chicken wings. Between downtown Buffalo, Amherst and the South Campus area, Buffalo has a variety of places to go to if you want to go out to eat.

Back at home, many people have those “go to” favorite delis, pizzerias or restaurants they always stop at. College students come across those same “go to” places while they are away for the next four or more years. Here are some of the popular places to eat at that many UB students enjoy.

Marco’s Italian Deli

This deli is known for their popular “sangwiches” and chipotle mayonnaise condiment. Some traditional sangwiches are the “Mama Mia” and “Big Bird,” but customizing your own sangwich is a popular option as well. Students at UB enjoy Marco’s Deli as a place to eat for lunch and the deli has two locations – one near South Campus on Hertel Ave. and one on North Campus in The Commons.

Marco’s also gives out punch cards where customers get a free sangwich after 10 purchases. Also, the location in The Commons serves breakfast.

Scott Weinzimer, a sophomore accounting major, likes how Marco’s is different from the unhealthy and greasy food that some campus shops serve.

“I eat there about once a week,” said Weinzimer. “The environment and staff is always nice and they play good music.”

His favorite menu item is a customized sandwich he makes that includes chicken fingers, roast beef, mozzarella and barbeque sauce on a hero.

Although Weinzimer said the prices are a little expensive, he would like for it to become an option where you can use your UB Card as a meal swipe for the “delicious sangwiches.”

Fuji Grill

If you’re craving fresh sushi or hibachi, Fuji is the place to go. Located on Maple Road, many students eat at Fuji for its beloved lunch special. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the restaurant offers two rolls for $7.50 or three rolls for $10.50, with miso soup included. Fuji’s lunch special is an affordable lunch option for college students.

Lindsay Goldman, a sophomore accounting major, likes the variety of sushi that Fuji offers and how it reminds her of home.

“I eat there at least once every other week,” said Goldman. “The prices are very reasonable and sometimes even cheaper than sushi at other places.”

She hopes Fuji will start a delivery system to the dorms or South Campus so that they can make it more convenient for customers.

Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta

Many students believe that Zetti’s claim to fame is New York City/Long Island-style pizza, which many opine bests Buffalo’s pizza. This pizzeria is located on Maple Road, right across from UB’s North Campus near the strip of hotels frequented by visitors to the area.

Kristina Goehringer, a senior business major, said her favorite food items at Zetti’s are the barbeque chicken slice and the penne alla vodka pasta dish that comes with half of a loaf of bread.

“Zetti’s pizza is honestly amazing and better than Long Island pizza,” Goehringer said. “The prices are also very reasonable for pizza and they give big portion sizes for their pasta dishes.”

Goehringer said since the Zetti’s located on Main Street near South Campus recently closed, she hopes it will eventually reopen so there is a restaurant location closer to where she lives off campus.

Duff’s Famous Wings

The name of this wing tavern says it all – its wings are known all over the state. Located on Sheridan Drive with other locations around the area, many people who come to visit Buffalo make it a point to stop at Duff’s. President Barack Obama stopped to dine here when he visited Buffalo in 2010 – there’s now a picture of him at Duff’s hanging inside on a wall.

Duff’s is normally one of the first places many students eat at when they come to Buffalo.

Its sauces aren’t typical because medium is hot, medium hot is very hot and hot is very, very hot – which they warn to customers on their menu.

Rachel Gersten, a sophomore communication major, enjoys the medium lite wings the best and Duff’s fries.

She eats there a lot, especially when her parents come to visit her in Buffalo.

“It’s a loud, fun and lively environment with fair prices,” said Gersten. “But, if I could I would make it bigger with a nicer and larger waiting area because it get’s really crowded around dinner time.”

El Palenque

El Palenque is a Mexican restaurant that is located on Niagara Falls Blvd. considered by many students to be one of the most “authentic” Mexican food restaurants in the Buffalo area. It serves a lunch special from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, which includes 20 specialty items with prices from $5-7.

Many students also enjoy going to El Palenque for jumbo margaritas with a split Corona inside.

Goehringer tried this restaurant for the first time last semester and said it was one of the best Mexican food places she has ever been to. She got the lunch special No. 14 that includes a chicken burrito, chicken enchilada topped with lettuce tomato and sour cream with a margarita as her drink.

“El Palenque was seriously amazing,” Goehringer said. “They serve free chips and salsa before and during your meal which makes the dining experience even greater.”

Break’n Eggs Creperie

If you’re looking to go out to brunch, Break’n Eggs is a favorite among students on Saturday or Sunday mornings. This small restaurant located down Main Street in Williamsville has an array of crepes to choose from, and you can also build your own and include delicious fruit or Nutella.

Carly Fromm, a sophomore business major, said the food is fresh and gourmet. She resembles it to a small New York City café filled with delicious food served with great presentation.

“I go out to brunch [to Break’n Eggs] on occasion but whenever I go I see families and students from around the area,” Fromm said. “Every time I go I order an omelet but the prices can range depending on what you order.”

Rocco Scibelli, a senior business major, likes the warm friendly atmosphere Break’n Eggs provides.

“They make a mean eggs benedict thus my favorite meal but I also dabble with the omelets,” Scibelli said. “I would never want anything about Break’n Eggs to change because why break something that’s not broken.”

Once you start to get tired of the dorm food, these favorites among UB students will help you get your fix of foods that can remind you of home.