A Spotify playlist for the Vitamin D-deficient

Warm weather jams

Understandably, this spring is probably the most highly anticipated one in a long time. Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, but maybe listening to some beach-worthy tunes will trick the weather into getting brighter a little bit early.

It’s above 30 degrees – so toss your coat and listen to some sweet indie jams.

“Sure as Spring” - La Luz

Every song by La Luz makes you feel like you should be wearing cat eye sunglasses on a beach. The Seattle quartet crafts retro surf rock music that screams both “Girl power!” and “It’s so dang sunny outside!” With the word “spring” in the title, there’s no way this track won’t make you want to throw on some shorts and cruise around in a Corvette convertible.

“Ice Cream” - Battles

There’s nothing like eating ice cream on a nice warm day. Let this bright, offbeat song from experimental rock group Battles be the soundtrack to your next trip to Anderson’s (or Yotality - why not fool yourself into thinking you’re eating healthy?).

“Warm Foothills” - alt-J

This track from alt-J’s latest album paints a picture of a warm spring/summer day. The soft guitars, piano and whistling are like a gentle, sweet-smelling breeze - arguably the best part of spring.

“No Waves” - FIDLAR

This California garage-punk band loves to sing about getting drunk and skateboarding, which are both incredibly tempting as the spring semester progresses. “I want a perfect left on the sunset shore.” Me, too, FIDLAR. Me, too.

“Ya Hey” - Vampire Weekend

The entire Modern Vampires of the City album is, in one word, fresh. This track offers catchy drum beats, ethereal synth and strings, layered vocals and a lot of that egg-shaped maraca thing all our music teachers used to have. Easy, breezy, beautiful Vampire Weekend.

“Happy” - Best Coast

It’s no secret that sunshine makes people happy. So does feel-good, lo-fi surf pop. “Yeah, there’s blood on the wall but I'm happy,” sings lead singer Bethany Cosentino. Nothing can ruin this good mood.

“Another Sunny Day” - Belle and Sebastian

Bright and infectious, Brit-pop group Belle and Sebastian’s music is made to be played on a record player. This 60s-esque song serves as the perfect soundtrack for spring cleaning or just dancing around your house with all the windows open.

“Money” - The Drums

In yet another beach tune, The Drums sing about being broke. As college students, we all can relate. Who cares, though? It’s nice outside.

“Le Temps De L’Amour” - Francoise Hardy

You might recognize this song from the scene in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom when the two kids do the twist on the beach in their underwear. “It is the time of love, / the time of friends and adventure,” sings Francoise Hardy (but in French). If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, throw on this song, grab some friends and dance on a beach with your clothes off.

“Like or Like Like” - Miniature Tigers

“I was wearing that dumb sweatshirt, I looked like a goon,” sing tween poppers Miniature Tigers in this airy indie tune. If you’re not in t-shirts and shorts at this point, you’re a goon. I don’t care if there’s still snow on the ground.

Grace Trumper is a staff writer and can be reached at arts@ubspectrum.com