Small amount of natural gas leaked in Natural Sciences Complex, evacuation not needed


A small amount of natural gas leaked into in the Natural Sciences Complex this afternoon, which caused a professor teaching in NSC 225 to evacuate her class. University Police said it was “not a large scale incident,” and the evacuation was not needed.

Deputy Chief of Police Joshua Sticht said the small leak happened below NSC 225 when UB Facilities and National Fuel temporality shut off the gas for maintenance while running tests.

“It was close enough to the professor when she was having her class that she smelled it. Out of an abundance of caution on her part, she sent her students home,” Sticht said.

UPD received a call about the smell at 1:19 p.m. Sticht said the professor just wanted to be cautious and it was the only class UPD knows of that was cancelled because of the smell.

A class was held in NSC 225 as scheduled at 2 p.m.

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