Police Blotter: 11/11-11/17

All information according to University Police

All information according to University Police


5:15 p.m. – A UB student said while she was walking through Hadley Village Parking Lot, the driver of a gray car with dark tinted windows approached her and offered her a ride, which she declined. The driver continued to attempt to make contact with the student, but she walked away from him. The student described the driver as a black male around the age of 20-25.

10:06 p.m. – A student requested an ambulance due to severe hives. University Police (UPD) was sent to the scene and an ambulance was requested, but the victim reported no difficulty breathing at the time. The victim was later transported to Millard Fillmore Hospital.

10:34 p.m. – A staff member reported the carbon monoxide detector had gone off in the Hadley Village Community Center. Patrol reported the detector was low on battery.


9:09 p.m. – A student said his friend was shaking and could not stop. The caller did not request an ambulance. Patrol reported the subject was not shaking at the moment and she was refusing any medical treatment. She said if the problem reoccurs, she will have a friend take her to the hospital. She said the potential cause might have been from too much caffeine.


9:04 a.m. – A complainant reported someone in Hochstetter Hall was having a tantrum and could potentially harm self. The caller could hear furniture being thrown around.


11:07 a.m. – A caller reported food items had been stolen from vending machines in Fargo Hall several times in the past month. The suspects were captured on camera.


10:00 a.m. – A professor reported a female graduate student had called his cell phone numerous times over the past couple of days and 11 times that morning. The professor said the student displayed very odd behaviors such as shouting in class and throwing books. The student did not make any threats to him and the professor did not answer any of the student’s calls. UPD advised the professor to tell the student to not call his cell phone.

12:46 p.m. – A student’s mother reported she had not spoken to her son in over week and he was not responding to her text messages. She said it was unusual. Patrol made contact with the student and he called his mother.


2:33 a.m. – A taxi driver reported a male subject had ran out of a taxi and into Flint Village without paying. Patrol was sent to Flint Village. The driver called back and said the subject’s girlfriend had called him back and paid the driver the cab fare.


6:14 p.m. – Patrol was dispatched to an animal complaint of a bat in Richmond Hall. An exterminator was notified of the situation. Patrol was able to release the bat in the wild and an exterminator was no longer needed.

6:57 p.m. – A student reported a bat was stuck between her window and screen in Richmond Hall. She said the bat had not bitten anyone. Patrol reported the animal was removed.

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