"Playlist: 'So long, so long'"

Summing up four years in 20 songs

Summing up a college career in a single song is near impossible. That's four years of someone's life - the time when you turn from a youth to an adult. It's a time spurred by awkward college romances, late-night stresses and unplanned, mid-afternoon naps. It's a time when mistakes are harmlessly made and memories are created. In their last week at UB, four of our editors look back at songs that define their college careers.

Wiz Khalifa - "Taylor Gang"

Wiz Khalifa took his career to a whole new level back in 2010-11 with the release of his album Rolling Papers. The bellowing bass and 808 drum kicks accompany the clever lyrics of Khalifa that reverberated throughout the dorm quads and hallways of UB. "Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress / Run my town, arms, chest, lift weights, Bowflex." The song made Spring Fest 2011 memorable.

Big Sean featuring Chris Brown - "My Last"

We can all relate: having so much to do but choosing to say, "Screw it!" My college career can be summed up by tons of lazy days, and I know I am not alone. But with graduation fewer than two weeks away, it is sad knowing those days are behind us. Well, at least they should be.

Outasight - "Tonight is the Night"

The distorted guitar in the beginning of the song mixed with the booming bass drum makes this Black Keys tune the ultimate pump-up song. Many professional sports teams have even used it as their warm-up song. No matter how hectic my morning was, this song was always there to get me excited about the day on my walks to class.

Far East Movement - "Like a G6"

Everyone remembers blasting this song in their car - shades on, windows down. Whenever this jam hits the airwaves, it's time to bust a move. Even four years after its release, this hit still has the power to get even the most apprehensive ones on the dance floor. Oh, and I think we can all relate to "poppin' bottles in the ice" and "gettin' slizzard."

- Sam Fernando

Drake - "The Motto"

This song was played on repeat during my freshman year. And while "YOLO" isn't exactly the most inspiring motto of the past four years, it's a pretty good summary of the college experience. College is a time where you cut loose from a lot of responsibilities that are out there in the "real world." You're in college by yourself and for yourself. It's a time when you can make mistakes and find your path without having to worry too much.

Beyonc?(c) - "Schoolin' Life"

If college is good for nothing else, it's making stories that will last a lifetime. I have more than a handful of great stories from my college career and one "Story of Us." Every time this song comes on, I can't help but sing along, usually much to displeasure of those around me.

Zedd - "Clarity"

If EDM music were hard drugs, "Clarity" would be my gateway drug. The song just doesn't get old and has led me into a whole new genre of music. One of the highlights of my fall semester was seeing Zedd perform at the Armory in Rochester, where he performed "Clarity" twice. Twice. That's how good this song is. Zedd has plenty of other great songs, along with any number of remixes he could do live, and he chose "Clarity" twice.

Brett Eldridge - "Don't Ya"

There are few songs that can simultaneously make me ecstatic and depressed; "19 You + Me" achieves just that. From start to finish, this song gives me chills. It's the description of the perfect summer romance. My only regret about this song is that I won't someday be able to sing it to a girl in a happy situation, because if I'm singing this song at the end of a relationship, that definitely is not happy.

- Ben Tarhan

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