Tunes to curb your mind's hunger

The right music can set the tone for any occasion. Whether it's a slow beat to impress your date, a fun steel drum sound for a summer BBQ, a heavy rock song to eat a bowl of wings to or a tangy country twang, music changes the way we feel, the way we engage with people and even how we taste our food. Getting it right is essential. Here is a playlist of tunes that ties in to your hunger for both good music and tasty food.

Frank Sinatra - "I've Got You Under My Skin"

Sinatra creates an enjoyable atmosphere no matter what the occasion might be. Say you're cooking a really nice dinner for your significant other and you want to set the mood right: "I've Got You Under My Skin" does just that with its bright tone and great lyrics. Let's face it, once you chew on that T-bone steak you're craving, it all ends up under your skin somehow. That's rare.

UB40 - "Red, Red Wine"

UB40 is in the same category as Mr. Sinatra - "Red, Red Wine" is a song that gets your hips moving while you're saut?(c)ing your mushrooms. The smooth, prolonged beats of the song are the musical equivalent of a thick, full glass of Merlot.

Deep Blue Something - "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

Sunday brunch is one of the best meals of the week. The next working week is luring around the corner, so treasuring your Sunday morning is crucial. Whether the morning's menu consists of loaded pancakes or a well-prepared fruit salad, make sure "Breakfast At Tiffany's" is on your playlist. Its modern, soft-rock vibe is sure to put you in the Sunday mood.

Jimmy Buffet - "Margaritaville"

You might not think you're familiar with this song, but you'll be singing along by the chorus. Holmes has made the perfect song to get guests smiling in anticipation of enjoying their food. Eating in groups is largely about socializing, and there's nothing that says bonding louder than singing along around a dinner table to the chorus line, "If you like Pina Coladas..."

Dirty Vegas - "Walk Into The Sun"

This country tune is filled with a warm-weathered, summer feel. The lyrics bring listeners back in time to one of their most treasured moments. "It was Labor Day weekend / I was 17 / I bought a Coke and some gasoline / And I drove out to the county fair."

The opening lyrics to this song put you in the right frame of mind. Who doesn't love county fair food? But what stands out the most to listeners is the chorus, in which McGraw cleverly places the words: "I had a barbecue stain on my white t-shirt / She was killing me in that miniskirt." Great food and beautiful girls make this hit country tune a nostalgic representation of what food is all about: reliving moments you never thought you'd remember.