SA Assembly votes for employee approvals and elected officials' salaries

The Student Association Assembly unanimously voted to keep staff members in their job positions and approved this year's new hires during Wednesday night's Assembly meeting.

Assembly members also approved the following elected officials' salaries: club coordinators, SUNY delegates, Student-Wide Judiciary associate justice and Speaker of the Assembly.

Staff members' positions fall under the 11 SA departments: Student Affairs, entertainment, club services, communication, production, executive assistants, finance, film, UBTV, office staff and elected officials.

Last year, there were 13 departments but Environmental Affairs was integrated into Student Affairs, and the event planners department was removed.

After each department briefly explained what it does, the floor was open to Assembly and staff members for questions. Following questions, Assembly and staff members confirmed the positions.

Film Department

Works to organize the SA Film Series schedule and create a fun movie-going experience for all patrons.

Executive Assistants

Assists SA and the other staff members with tasks that make SA more efficient and knowledgeable.

Club Services

Aids over 130 clubs in meeting SA requirements by providing opportunities to meet these requirements. They provide all clubs with resources to grow in both membership and in impact on the UB community.


Puts on activities and events to entertain the student body and is responsible for running SA's most recognizable events, including the Fests, the Comedy Series and Spirit Week. There is one event coordinator.


Assists SA departments and clubs to ensure all financial needs are met while following all SA, UB and SUNY Mandatory Activity Fee guidelines.


Responsible for relaying information about SA and its activities, events, and opportunities to the student body. It is also in charge of managing and maintaining the brand image of the SA.


Creates graphics to be used for marketing SA and its events and for creating and maintaining photographic records of events. It works with marketing to help brand SA and SA clubs.

Office Staff

Everybody within the office staff helps with the day-to-day functions to keep SA running smoothly.


Works to make sure all SA department and club events are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to host events and ensure they are of top quality.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs - the main foundation of SA - focuses on advocacy and student representation. It works closely with SUNY delegates and the Assembly to access concerns and develop action plans to counteract all concerns of the student body. In addition, the department works closely to increase advocacy and awareness of environmental issues on campus.


UBTV, found on campus channel 46, is responsible for recording and keeping records of popular UB events, providing video services to SA clubs and departments and keeping students informed and entertained.

Also at the meeting, Jude Butch - the coordinator of the Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement (CSLCE) - spoke to the staff about UB SLIDE, Student Leadership International Dialgue Exchange. For the first time, the program will be two weeks long instead of one week, and students will travel to two countries instead of one.

Wednesday's meeting was the second Assembly meeting of the year. The first meeting was on Oct. 3, where SA President Travis Nemmer gave the State of the Association speech, and Assembly Speaker Steven Jackson explained what the Assembly does.

The next Assembly meeting will be held on Wed. Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in 330 Student Union.

Staff writer Chelsea Sullivan contributed reporting to this article