Animal Heights
The brothers of the illegal fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu formed a circle around their pledges in the basement of their University Heights home - just off campus. Then, they ordered the pledges to beat each other up.
"As The Spectrum grew, so did I"
You can become one of the most recognized college journalists in the world while working at The Spectrum.
A mother's charitable legacy lives on
Zubair Trabzada found out his mother passed away two months after it happened. He was 14 and spending a year in Orchard Park, N.Y.
A Shakira that doesn't struggle translates to an album that does
Album: Shakira Artist: Shakira Label: RCA Release Date: March 25 Grade: B
"Anthropology classes, offices battle heat and noise issues"
Professor Fred Klaits' students couldn't hear a word he was saying. On Feb. 4, Klaits stopped his anthropology class for 20
Flood causes water damage in dorms
A refrigerator unplugged in the middle of the dorm. Boxes, bulletin boards, a fan on her bed. Mouthwash and olive oil across the hall. Jaime Lachapelle returned to Buffalo on Sunday and found her and her roommate's belongings tossed all over the place. On Jan.
Fired-up community meeting explores University Heights crises
Gloria J. Parks Community Center was packed with concerned University Heights citizens, Buffalo Police officers, students and a UB administrator on Monday night. The area, which is home to thousands of students, is riddled with crime and unsafe housing conditions, but is also a go-to location for student nightlife. Many of the 70-plus community members who attended the meeting were angry with the student-related problems that, they said, have been around for decades. UB, the City of Buffalo and the University Heights Collaborative are coming together and attempting to find a solution. Much of the room's tension lay between UB and the Buffalo Police. Mickey Vertino, the University Heights Collaborative president who hosted Monday night's gathering, said the situation near South Campus is "getting out of control," but urged everyone to not turn the discussion into a "blame game." There were three main points of contention throughout the meeting: Students shouldn't live in the Heights without UB guardianship; UB shouldn't drop its students off on South Campus late at night because many are drunk upon arrival and University Police should patrol the Heights; and Buffalo Police shouldn't be held responsible for disciplining UB students. Shutting down the 24-hour bus system The UB Stampede bus system has been running 24 hours a day since 2009.
As tall as a cedar
It was me against a herd of boars. I was alone, in Northern Lebanon, jogging through the mountains as I did every day that month. I usually took my run in the morning, and some of the locals warned me about the wild animals that come out at night.
Medical school attempts to recover from setbacks
A month ago, The New York Times touted UB's up-and-coming downtown medical campus as part of the revitalization of the City of Buffalo. Construction for the new medical school, which will cost $375 million, is scheduled to start this fall; the school is scheduled to open in August 2016.
Obama's speech brings protesters
While 7,200 people filed into Alumni Arena to hear President Barack Obama give a speech on Thursday morning, Ph.D.