Attempted robbery on South Campus

Early Sunday morning, a male was walking through Parker Lot when three males demanded his wallet. He refused to give it to them and was then assaulted.

The attempted robbery occurred at 3:45 a.m. in the South Campus parking lot. The suspects were exiting an older, white SUV on Winridge Road before they demanded the victim's wallet, according to UB Alert. The student was pushed and punched and suffered minor injuries, according to Chief of University Police Gerald Schoenle.

No weapon was threatened or displayed.

The victim described the suspects as one white male and two Hispanic males. Two of the suspects were wearing white shirts and one was wearing a black shirt.

UPD is still investigating the attempted robbery, and no new information has been found as of yet, according to Schoenle.

Last weekend, The Spectrum reported a student's phone was stolen right out of her hand at the Main circle bus stop on South Campus.

UPD continues to urge students to stay safe by traveling with people and use the SBI Safety Services walk stations, safety shuttle or other UB transportation services and always staying vigilant to their surroundings.