SA Assembly Renews All Departments

The Spectrum

On Wednesday, the SA Assembly unanimously renewed all 13 SA departments and approved its staffs' salaries.

The departments of the SA are Film, Executive Assistants, Club Services, Entertainment, Environmental, Event Planners, Finance, Marketing, Media, Office Staff, Production, Student Affairs, and UBTV, and members of each spent roughly five minutes describing the department's duties to the Assembly.

After each department briefly explained what it does, the floor was open to Assembly and staff members for questions. Following questions, there were votes on the confirmation of positions.

All yearly salaries for each position were shown on a PowerPoint presentation – except for the UBTV and Student Affairs departments, because the SA laptop's battery died. When a staff member in the audience asked the UBTV director if the members get paid, his only response was, "Yes," and no further questions concerning the salaries were asked. No questions were asked regarding the Student Affairs department's salaries, either.

See the corresponding graphic online for a list of the SA staff members' salaries.

For almost each vote, the same two people motioned to end the vote and seconded the motion.

The departments have the following duties, according to the PowerPoint presentation:

Film Department

Works to organize the SA Film Series schedule and create a fun movie-going experience for all patrons.

Executive Assistants

Assists the SA and the other staff members with tasks that make the SA more efficient and knowledgeable.

Club Services

Aids over 130 clubs in meeting SA requirements by providing opportunities to meet these requirements. They provide all clubs with resources to grow in both membership and in impact on the UB community.


Puts on activities and events to entertain the student body, and is responsible for running SA's most recognizable events, including the Fests, the Comedy Series, and Spirit Week.

Environmental Affairs

Responsible for environmental advocacy and running events and activities that promote environmental consciousness as well as awareness about sustainability issues on campus.

Event Planners

This is a new department at SA, and it assists SA departments and clubs to make sure all necessary steps are taken when planning an event or activity. They help book rooms, contact vendors, and help with budget issues.


Assists the SA departments and clubs to ensure that all financial needs are met while following all SA, UB, and SUNY Mandatory Activity Fee guidelines.


Responsible for relaying information about SA and its activities, events, and opportunities to the student body. It are also in charge of managing and maintaining the brand image of the SA.


Creates graphics to be used for marketing SA and its events, and for creating and maintaining photographic records of events. It works with Marketing to help brand SA and SA clubs.

Office Staff

Everybody within the Office Staff helps with the day-to-day functions to keep the SA running smoothly.


Works to make sure all SA department and club events are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to host events and ensure that they are of top quality.

Student Affairs

The main foundation of the SA, Student Affairs focuses on advocacy and student representation. It works closely with SUNY Delegates and the Assembly to access concerns and develop action plans to counteract all concerns of the student body.


Aired on Campus Channel 46, UBTV is responsible for recording and keeping records of popular UB events, providing video services to SA clubs and departments, and keeping students informed and entertained.

When it was time to vote, Assembly Speaker Steven Jackson, a junior history major, asked the SA Assembly and staff to vote ‘yes' or ‘no.' A number of hands were raised in favor of each vote, and, all 13 times, no hands were raised in opposition.

The meeting also included a presentation from Paul Hutchings, an alumnus of UB who founded True Blue and now works for UB Athletics. Hutchings discussed school spirit and the importance of being involved in college for all four years. He especially urged each Assembly member to pursue his/her ideas, even if it feels as though he/she is the only one with the idea, because that is how True Blue started.

SA Assembly meetings are open to the public. Wednesday's meeting was in Knox 20.


SA Staff Salaries


*Raven Owusu, Film Manager ($2,520-$3,080)

*Ashley Blackman, Projectionist ($8/hr)

*Divyarth Churiwal, Projectionist ($8/hr)

*Andrew Linneman, Projectionist ($8/hr)

*Brittney Tirabassi, Projectionist ($8/hr)

*Jason Haynes, Usher ($7.50/hr)

*Ana-Isabel Narvaez, Usher ($7.50/hr)

*Marita Paradez, Usher ($7.50/hr)

Executive Assistants

*Henry Lu, Chief of Staff ($4,140-$5,060)

*TC Scott, Assistant to the President ($2,700-$3,300)

*Darcie O'Sullivan, Assistant to the Vice President ($2,700-$3,300)

*Travis Nemmer, Elections and Credentials Chair ($2,160-$2,640)

*Raphew Fahm, Assistant Elections and Credentials Chair ($2,025-$2,475)

*Victoria Berman, Legislative Liaison ($2,160-$2,640)

Club Services

*Erika Villavicencio, Club Services Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Chelsea Abrams, Assistant Club Services Director ($2,520-$3,080)

*Theresa Cervantes, Club Activities Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Megan Skelly, Club Activities Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Imani Choudhury, Temporary Club Liaison ($2,160-$2,640)

*Caitlin Kubala, Temporary Club Liaison ($2,160-$2,640)


*Monique Mattes, Entertainment Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Paul Rukundo, Assistant Entertainment Director ($2,520-$3,080)

*Cory Riskin, Talent Coordinator ($2,025-$2,475)

*Julianne Stiene, Special Events Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Jesslyn Piontkowski, Assistant Special Events Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

*Alanna Shelley, Assistant Special Events Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

*Linnea Spampinato, Hospitality Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

Environmental Affairs

*Paul Stephan, Environmental Coordinator ($3,060-$3,740)

*Matt Kopalek, Assistant Environmental Coordinator ($2,520-$3,080)

*Ashley Welsch, Climate Neutrality Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

*Nathan Catlin, Environmental Activities Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

*Alexa Morse, Environmental Activities Coordinator ($2,160-$2,640)

Event Planners

*Kelsey DiGiovancarlo, Senior Event Planner ($2,700-$3,300)

*Kelsey Ford, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)

*Katie Miller, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)

*Rugare Tambo, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)

*Ashley Moore, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)

*Georgie Pascanu, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)

*Matt McGrath, Event Planner ($2,340-$2,860)


*Gretchen Garcia, Assistant to the Treasurer ($3,060-$3,740)

*Syed Safiullah, Assistant to the Treasurer ($3,060-$3,740)

*Siddhant Chhabria, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)

*Ariel Dunster, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)

*Maryam Ebrahim, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)

*Rochelle Lopez, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)

*Franklin Ramirez, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)

*Matt Smith, Bookkeeper ($2,520-$3,080)


*Matt Solomon, Marketing Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Teresa Sprow, Assistant Marketing Director ($2,520-$3,080)

*Grace Clarke, Publicity Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Elizabeth Quinn, Publicity Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Haixia Xu, Publicity Coordinator ($2,340-$2,860)

*Allay Desai, Promotions ($2,340-$2,860)

*Ping Song Wu, Promotions ($2,340-$2,860)


*Ned Semoff, Media Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Britteny Dullin, Graphic Artist ($2,340-$2,860)

*Shane Race, Graphic Artist ($2,340-$2,860)

*Loren Fields, Photographer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Benny Higo, Photographer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Justin Lee, Photographer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Thawab Shibly, Photographer ($2,340-$2,860)

Office Staff

*Judy Mai, Senior Office Personnel ($2,520-$3,080)

*James Catlin, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Jacquelyn Digiulio, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Jillian Dolan, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Shazia Khan, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Ruba Lugo, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Stephanie Nicholas, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Katie Revai, Office Personnel ($2,160-$2,640)

*Rohit Deshmukh, Senior IT Specialist ($2,520-$3,080)

*Saumya Jain, IT Specialist ($2,160-$2,640)

*Pat Lapinski, IT Specialist ($2,160-$2,640)

*Michael Ehrnstein, Transportation Coordinator ($2,025-$2,475)


*Chris Noll, Senior Production Manager ($900 + $9/hr)

*Ian Bick, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Max Chistokletov, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Adrien D'Angelo, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Andrew Davidowitz, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Rebecca Johnstone, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Krzysztof Kosz, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Andrew Liu, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

*Hiren Mistry, Junior Sound Tech ($600 + $8.50/hr)

Student Affairs

*Amanda Horn, Student Affairs Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Robert Golightly, Assistant Student Affairs Director ($2,520-$3,080)

*Allison Funk, External Affairs Liaison ($2,025-$2,475)

*Daniel Maitles, External Affairs Liaison ($2,025-$2,475)

*Deidre Carter, Residence Life Liaison ($2,025-$2,475)

*Karamveer Birthare, Assistant Residence Life Liaison ($2,025-$2,475)


*Brent Scott, Director ($3,060-$3,740)

*Gagan Singh, Assistant Director ($2,520-$3,080)

*Tal Kissos, Video Manager($2,520-$3,080)

*Kervin Myrtil, Editing Manager ($2,520-$3,080)

*Wyatt Maker, Producer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Jeremy Cournyea, Videographer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Matthew Damiano, Videographer ($2,340-$2,860)

*Emily Gac, Videographer ($2,340-$2,860)