Semester Album Preview

It's tough going to school in the frozen tundra of Buffalo. One good way to warm up is tossing on a new record and dancing. Here are 10 albums that should get your rear in gear and get you to boogie.

Artist: Rise Against

Album: Endgame

Release Date: March 15

Punk veterans Rise Against return with their sixth studio album chock full of foreshadowing. It should come as no shock to fans of the band that Endgame will contain a very strong political undertow. Endgame will take the listener on a journey into the future where human life as we know it is obsolete.

Artist: Taking Back Sunday

Album: TBA

Release Date: March

While most people have written Taking Back Sunday off as a hollow shell of what they once were, this album should restore the faith. For the first time since the legendary Tell All Your Friends, the original lineup is recording together. From the demo that frontman Adam Lazzara leaked to the handful of songs the band performed for a lucky few this summer on their reunion tour, Taking Back Sunday has returned to the sound that once molded an entire scene.

Artist: Kanye West and Jay-Z

Album: Watch the Throne

Release Date: March 1

Despite having one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2010, Kanye West is already putting the finishing touches on his next endeavor; a massive collaboration album with fellow hip-hop heavyweight, Jay-Z. Granted that Jay's verse on Kanye's song "Monster" is laughable at best, this album should be one of the best hip-hop albums of the year.

Artist: Cold War Kids

Album: Mine Is Yours

Release Date: Jan. 24

These bluesy Indie rockers have somehow flown under the radar for years. After the success of Brothers by The Black Keys, Cold War Kids are poised to take over the airwaves. Their soulful guitar work and heart-wrenching lyrics are sure to captivate the inner hipster in millions.

Artist: Yellowcard

Album: When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes

Release Date: March 21

The gods of pop punk have parted the clouds and have bestowed a gift upon the world. Yellowcard went on an almost three-year hiatus after releasing their critically acclaimed album, Paper Walls. Hopefully, the band can pick up where it left off and can produce an album that will return the luster to the pop punk scene.

Artist: Drive-By Truckers

Album: Go-Go Boots

Release Date: Feb. 15

While writing 2010's The Big To-Do, Drive-By Truckers wrote an abundance of songs. Go-Go Boots is a continuation of the story that The Big To-Do started. The band deviates from its standard Southern rock sound and dives into a more inspired R&B vibe. With DBT's instrumental skills and frontman Patterson Hood's songwriting ability, Go-Go Boots could redefine Drive-By Truckers.

Artist: All Time Low

Album: Dirty Work

Release Date: March

After the demise of Fall Out Boy, the pop punk crown was left on the ground. That was until All Time Low released Nothing Personal. The band quickly became the kings of pop punk and soared to the top. Now they are back to release their fourth studio album, but their first on a major label. Hopefully All Time Low doesn't have a Pete Wentz in their midst.

Artist: Red City Radio

Album: The Dangers of Standing Still

Release Date: Feb. 22

Red City Radio has a small itinerary as they have only released two EPs, but the buzz surrounding the band is monumental. Without even releasing a full-length album, RCR has shown that they are one of the best up-and-coming punk groups. Continuing the Americana trend in punk music, RCR will begin their takeover with their debut album.

Artist: Sum 41

Album: Screaming Bloody Murder

Release Date: March 29

After countless delays, Sum 41 is finally releasing their fifth studio album. Many people were disappointed with Underclass Hero, but the band has stated that they are going make an album that returns to the band's heavier beginnings. Fingers crossed that there is another anthem like "Fat Lip" on Screaming Bloody Murder.

Artist: Jessie J

Album: Who You Are

Release Date: March 28

Going unnoticed by much of the mass population, Jessie J is prime to become the biggest thing to hit pop music in years. She penned Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." and has worked with B.O.B. What separates her from every other pop act is the fact that she has the talent to back up the fame she is acquiring.