The Spectrum

Most good drunken nights start off with a lively "pre-game" in an effort to avoid buying countless drinks at the bar. Some pregame activities include drinking games, such as the classic favorite, beer pong, Never Have I Ever, landmine, or Kings. There are countless variations and options.

Although most pre-games involve typical beer like Labatt Blue or Keystone, Wegmans grocery store, with a locations by both North and South campus at the corner of Maple Road and Alberta, offers a surprising amount of beer from different regions and countries. Another option is the Village Beer Merchant at 547 Elmwood Avenue, if the city is more your calling.

To buy liquor and wine, On The Rox on Bailey Avenue is a discount liquor store with a good selection. Global Wine and Spirits, found near North Campus at the corner of Sheridan and Harlem Road, offers a slightly larger selection and periodically offers samples of various liquors or wines upon entrance.

In the city, Danahy's Liquor Store at 1064 Elmwood Ave. offers discounted wine and liquor. Additionally, Danahy's frequently has a section of half-priced wine right near the register.