Music Venues

The Spectrum

Town Ballroom

This is the premier venue in Buffalo. Not only is the pit the perfect size, but it also sports a tri-level flight of stairs and three bars, so there is plenty of room to stand and have a drink while jamming out to your favorite band.


Located on Allen Street, Nietzsche's has featured live music every night for generations. This is the place to see up-and-coming bands from around Buffalo and touring independent bands from around the country.

Mr. Goodbar

Most nights, it's just another stop on the Elmwood bar crawl, but on Fridays, this is the spot to see a great local band. The acoustics are great, and every concert doubles as a rocking party.

Mohawk Place

Whether you are going to see your favorite bands or going to one of the club's numerous dance parties, Mohawk Place is a one-of-a-kind venue. With a small stage and no barriers, Mohawk Place puts the audience right in the middle of the action.

Xtreme Wheels

By far the worst venue in Buffalo, Xtreme Wheels takes no care in providing a good concert experience. Crappy acoustics, scene kids, and mediocre skaters are in abundance at this disgrace of a venue.

Club Infinity

Although it is not nearly as popular as it once was, Club Infinity still puts on a good show every once in a while. It might be a far drive, but the intimate settings and great acoustics make it one of the best venues in Buffalo.

Rapids Theatre

When you are looking for a big crowd and a breathtaking venue, look no further than Rapids Theatre. It is the biggest venue in the Buffalo area; take one look up while you're there and you will be entranced for the whole show.

Big Orbit Soundlab

Showcasing the best in indie and electronic music, Soundlab makes indie kids feel right at home – Williamsburg, that is. Not to mention that Soundlab likes to take a dip in the red with its ever-so-often Communist parties.